Aug 16 2023

AF new CIO, DIA FY24 forecast, AI chatbot RFP for Marines, DOS AI adoption pilot, AOC Connect gains EIS spot, takeaways from Navy and Army exercises, Tyto names VP of BD


  • The truth of govt. marketing is that one size doesn't fit all: But these tried-and-true best practices are still good for everybody to know.

  • 80% of SBIR proposals fall short of the hit rate: So what can meaningfully improve a company's chances of winning?

  • Advances in manufacturing may be the key to national security: Biotech, microelectronics, and renewable energy hinge on progress.

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How to hide a helicopter refueling point, and other lessons from a giant Navy wargame.

In the grass beside a small landing strip, a group of Marines with hand-held radios monitored a CH-53E helicopter as it taxied down to another group that was prepared to refuel the aircraft. The groups were honing new, less vulnerable ways to run a forward arming and refueling point, or FARP—a small but crucial aspect of the Corps’ efforts to prepare for future warfare.  Read more

RFI: Marine Corps seeks AI chatbot for geospatial program.

The Marine Corps Systems Command is looking for industry insight on how artificial intelligence chatbots can help support the command’s geospatial intelligence program to receive requests and output information. Responses are due August 29. Read more | Get the RFI

DOD JWCC memo sets the scene for the future of cloud.

The DOD's new memo detailing the next implementation steps for the JWCC isn’t about mandates; it's more of a scene setter for where the DOD's CIO wants JWCC to take the military departments and defense services over the next decade. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

  • National Technology Alliance plays matchmaker for innovators, DoD.

  • Simplifying and streamlining: How the Army's new network boss aims to modernize.

  • Air Force helicopter deal sets a precedent others should follow.

  • Logisticians battle distance, weather, red tape in giant Army Pacific exercise.

  • Inside Israel's unique radar unit, a peak at the future of multi-domain ops.

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Intel agencies just ‘scratching the surface’ on open source initiatives.

Intelligence agencies are coming together to coordinate on their “open source” collection and analysis efforts, with officials aiming to “professionalize” the discipline through training and tradecraft standards. But advocates for OSINT say the intelligence community remains in the early stages of embracing it as a discipline that’s at least on par with classified sources and methods. Read more

Oracle’s cloud network gets top-secret approval with intel agencies.

The IT services company received accreditation from the IC to host TS/SCI on its cloud infrastructure. By securing an authority to operate TS/SCI for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle can offer the 18 U.S. intelligence agencies collectively known as the Intelligence Community a range of cloud services on its networks. Read more

ICYMI Snippets


Replacing the White House's legacy IT starts with a 10-year plan.

The WH is developing a 10-year modernization plan for federal civilian agencies as part of a broader effort to transition from outdated information technology systems while bolstering the nation's cyber posture. The Federal CISO said that replacing costly legacy IT systems with resilient and secure technologies has become a priority for the administration. Read more

AR's not just for gaming; it can revolutionize healthcare.

Augmented reality is an innovative technology that's got the potential to completely revolutionize the way we approach and think about healthcare. Other cutting-edge tech like telemedicine, AI, robotics, 3D printing, and much more are all going hand-in-hand with AR to help change healthcare delivery over the next decade and beyond. Read more

The State Department’s pilot project approach to AI adoption.

With the release of ChatGPT and other large language models, generative AI has clearly caught the public’s attention. However, excessive focus on chatbot-style AI capabilities risks overshadowing applications that are both innovative and practical and seek to serve the public through increased government transparency. Read more

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AOC Connect acquires Core Technologies, gains spot on EIS vehicle.

AOC Connect, a telecommunications and IT systems integrator for federal agencies, has acquired one of the primary carriers on the government's main contract vehicle for acquiring telecom and other network-related solutions. By purchasing Core Technologies, AOC Connect will inherit that company's position on the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions vehicle awarded in 2017 to 10 companies in total including Core. Read more


Why Will Roper still believes the Pentagon should work more like Formula One.

It’s been over two years since Will Roper left the Pentagon as the Air Force’s acquisition czar, and though senior service leaders seem to have moved away from some of his more ambitious ideas, Roper is not giving up on the digital design tools that he claims are critical for the United States to keep ahead of China. Read more

The famous Stanford Smallville is now open-source.

The famous Stanford Smallville is among the most inspiring AI agent experiments so far in 2023. Check out the twenty-five different Generative AI agents that inhabit a digital Westworld, unaware that they are living in a simulation. Read more

How the Ukraine War turned a Greek port into a geopolitical center.

Located in a relatively underdeveloped region of northern Greece, Alexandroupolis is the starting point for a vertical corridor that shares a 380-mile border with Ukraine. According to the U.S. Defense Department, the port has provided strategic readiness, logistics support, and power projection, enabled by robust synchronization between the United States and Greece. Read more

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