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I was recently asked if I have a morning routine, I initially said no. BUT really I do, it starts with coffee and GovBrew. I am just sitting here realizing that all my fellow GovCon's and GovCon service providers should know about GovBrew.
Daniel Nathan
Senior VP of BD at BOOST
Hey Crew, thanks for continuing to provide the "best damn GovCon news" (and coolest swag) around! #govmatesnation if you're not already subscribed, why not?! Check out GovBrew
Stephanie Alexander
Cofounder at govmates
Good thing it's only five things the federal government needs to do... Check out this article, and thanks,, for putting this information in my inbox. Are you interested in getting more stuff like this? Check out GovBrew.
Josh Cramer
Director of BD at 202 Group

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