Sept 08 2023

Design to Delivery to score OASIS+, Verizon blows whistle on itself, TAM for Dummies, NSA’s AI strategic study, DOD Info Analysis RFP, Boondoggles and storytelling

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  • Hawaii wildfires fast-tracked fed tools for unemployment claims: Identity verification options supplemented Hawaii's insurance system.

  • GSA pushes back OASIS+ deadline: Proposals are now due on the 22nd in response to feedback from industry partners.

  • Fiscal Year End Fiesta! What’s not to love about tacos, margaritas, and fun networking? GovMates invites you September 13 in Alexandria, VA.

  • 7-ish items federal employees should watch in Congress this fall: Congress' to-do list has serious implications for federal employees.


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For Replicator to work, the Pentagon must chip in with production.

The Pentagon's Replicator initiative, which aims to deliver thousands of attributable drones across multiple domains in the next two years, requires direct Pentagon aid with production if it's going to get off the ground any time soon. Read more

Defense plans for zero trust under Pentagon microscope.

The Pentagon will soon begin closely scrutinizing zero trust plans from each of its components to make sure they align with the department’s vision of fielding a “targeted” level of zero trust by fiscal 2027. Read more

CENTCOM wants generative AI to improve coding.

CENTCOM CTO is hopeful that generative AI can help personnel with coding. “There are pockets where we can see, even if the performance and consistency isn’t quite there [yet], we would still reap value from it.” One application would be using AI to help with mundane, time-consuming tasks such as email writing. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

Follow the Defense Leaders

Defense Job Openings

  • USAF seeks Director, Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

  • U.S. Army Military District of Washington seeks Deputy Chief of Staff.


The IC has embarked upon a new modernization journey.

IC leaders, understanding the need to evolve to compete in the evolving intelligence landscape, have embarked on an all-encompassing modernization journey that aims to overcome challenges and seize opportunities to adopt innovative technologies and solutions. Read more

ICYMI Snippets


VA conducting a "full review" after IT issues impact ~57,000 vets.

The VA is carrying out a “full review” of all processing systems on its main website, after discovering technical problems that may have delayed disability claims for tens of thousands of veterans. The VA said the agency is “taking immediate action to resolve these issues." Read more

Verizon blows the whistle on itself on fumbling GSA cybersecurity.

The telecommunications giant called its own foul in how it managed GSA's cybersecurity, specifically in how it fumbled the job of protecting the data and systems at the agency. In the span of four years, Verizon failed to implement specific Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) requirements. Read more

OIG: Sensitive info stored by CBP may not be secure.

The OIG recently carried out a review to determine if CBP had implemented effective technical controls to protect the sensitive information that is stored and processed by an HVA system -- the results were, as you have likely guessed, not up to snuff. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

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Civilian Job Openings


SPA buys PRKK in space, intelligence domain expansion push.

Systems Planning and Analysis has recently purchased space domain awareness platforms provider PRKK for an undisclosed sum as part of efforts to expand its offerings in the space and intelligence sectors. Read more

Anduril buys autonomous aircraft maker Blue Force Technologies.

Anduril Industries has acquired Blue Force Technologies in a deal to expand the former’s fleet of autonomous systems. Anduril said it will utilize Blue Force Technologies’ digital engineering and drone hardware and software capabilities to advance manned-unmanned teaming and other autonomous offerings for the defense sector. Read more


How did the Navy end up spending billions on the "little crappy ship"?

Get the inside story on how the littoral combat ship (LCS) was well on the way to becoming one of the worst boondoggles in the military’s long history of buying overpriced and underperforming weapons systems. Read more

Opinion: Does the USSF need a culture of its own?

Although it sometimes operates under the guise of a pro-organized violence culture, the USSF doesn't do organized violence, and it may be time for it to stop pretending it does. How, then, can the Space Force carve out an identifiable culture of its own? Read more

Is our problem with AI because of our 100 years of telling fictional stories about robots taking over the world?

The word “robot” comes from a 1920 Czech play R.U.R. by Karel Capek. Follow that a few decades latter by 1950s Asimov book I, Robot, which offered strict rules for AI to obey humans always. Remember 1984’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer? “Autonomy that’s the bugaboo, where your AIs are concerned.” We have 100 years of storytelling about robots, and most of it is pretty bleak. Is that why we humans are constantly afraid of emerging technology? Read more


The US military was an early adopter of the airplane! The military’s first Aeronautical Division was formed in 1907 and consisted of three first lieutenants. They bought their first airplane in 1909—the Wright A Flyer—for $30,000. (Source)

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