November 10, 2023

TransDigm buys CPI subsidiary, SSA Dynamic App RFP, SEWP VI proposal tips, Gaza space imagery, China’s microchip, USA drone shot down


  • Biden wants better deals from contractors: The Better Contracting Initiative wants to lower prices incl. enterprisewide deals.

  • Tips for a high-scoring SEWP VI proposal: SEWP VI promises to be lucrative — make sure your proposal is the best it can be!

  • Celebrating Native American Heritage Month: Did you know Native Americans serve in the armed forces 5x more than the nat’l average?

  • Your handy guide to the next draft CMMC rule: What to read and how to comment when the upcoming rule is released.



The US Army Pacific is preparing for a war with China.

With sprawling, multi-island exercises, the US Army Pacific is honing troops’ ability to fight in the jungle, cross “wet gaps,” and operate with multiple partner nations to prepare for a potential war with one of the biggest superpowers in the world. Read more

Bigger may not be better when it comes to China's new chip.

Size isn’t everything, it would seem: China-based Huawei's chipset may be less earthshaking than you may have heard. It’s one thing to make circuits smaller than the US will sell you; it’s another to do it at scale. Read more

Pentagon looks to telecom as it broadens 5G plans.

Security is still a challenge as the Pentagon continues to broaden its 5G plans; the DOD is looking to put next-gen cell service to work against China but must lean on R&D by the nation's telecom industry in the process. Read more


  • MQ-9 down: An American drone was shot by the Houthis.

  • DOD urges Congress to pass supplemental budget request for Ukraine aid.

  • Chinese military is being directed by Beijing to “be increasingly provocative” to the US, even at a hazard to themselves.

  • Airbus' output of its A350 widebody to increase to 10 aircraft per month by 2026; Boeing also to increase 787 production by 10/month.

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…helpful to know when writing your proposal! Check out some more veteran facts at Pew Research.


DHS wants to improve its CX across 1 billion 'touch points.'

The head of DHS' office of customer experience has offered some insights into the agency's plans to meet upcoming CX goals; the agency seeks to improve CX across an estimated one billion "touch points" with the public annually. Also, check out DHS’s CX website! Read more

US not planning on telling space-imagery companies to stop showing Gaza photos.

US officials at NOAA have said they won't need space-imagery companies to change what they're releasing to the public; some satellite firms may nonetheless be slowing the release of Gaza photos anyway. You may not have realized that USA laws from 1997 and 2020 restrict how detailed images of Israel are allowed to be. Read more


  • Government contractors with security clearances, elected officials, military officers, biz executives, and many others are involved in a sex ring. DOJ has made initial arrests, and a ton more are expected to come in the weeks ahead.

  • Secret Service 'monitoring' for threats as Asia-Pacific summit looms.

  • SOSi snags DIA TO to enhance data-based capabilities.

  • Former Parsons exec takes on VP role at Ultra Intelligence & Communications.


More care and benefits for veterans than ever before!

The VA has been working tirelessly to make the lives of Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors better. In the 2023 fiscal year, the VA gave more than 116 million healthcare appointments to Veterans. But that’s not all! The VA also provided $163 billion in earned benefits to Veterans and survivors.  Read more

DHS adds facial comparison, machine learning uses to AI inventory.

The additions include the CBP’s use of its Traveler Verification Service in addition to the TSA’s deployment of that same tool for the PreCheck process. DHS also added the FEMA’s geospatial damage assessments, which uses machine learning and machine vision to assess damage caused by a disaster, and CBP’s use of AI to inform port of entry risk assessment decisions. Read more

The GSA can't seem to offload its federal buildings fast enough.

In a move that's part of the GSA's commitment to "right-sizing and optimizing the federal buildings portfolio in ways that benefit local communities and taxpayers," the agency is accelerating plans to offload the buildings it doesn't need anymore. GSA has sold 10 out 12 “high-value” properties since 2020. 23 additional properties have been added to the list to sell. Read more


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Stellant finalizes purchase of Comtech product line.

Stellant Systems has completed its acquisition of Comtech Telecommunications power systems technology product line. Comtech’s net cash proceeds from the transaction amount to approximately $32.5M, which were partly used to pay down outstanding debt on its existing credit facility, the companies said in a statement. Read more

TransDigm acquires CPI’s Electron Device Business for $1.4B.

TransDigm Group has agreed to acquire the electron device business of Communications & Power Industries, a portfolio company of TJC, in a cash transaction worth approximately $1.39 billion. The CPI subsidiary manufactures proprietary electronic components and subsystems for various aerospace and defense platforms. Read more


Young vets want to retire 'Thank you for your service.' Do you agree with them?

For many younger veterans, "Thank you for your service” evokes awkward responses. Some people don't know what to say and offer nonsensical returns like “You too,” “Thanks for your support” or “The son of man did not come to be served, but to serve,” before launching into a “Stomp the Yard” dance routine. Read more

How do you hide friendly radio calls in a sea of noise?

A winning idea devised by two soldiers during an innovation competition may solve the following problem: an adversary with electronic-warfare gear could “easily identify people talking on their radios…so they needed a way to counteract that.” Read more

Can social media posts help the DOD do a better recruitment job?

Service member influencers are helping DOD recruit Social media posts shared by “genuine service members on their own” are helping the Pentagon recruit more young Americans into the U.S. military, according to the deputy secretary of defense. Read more

TRIVIA ANSWER: All of them are veterans except E and I.

Almost everyone on the list is a former military veteran except for (E) Toby Keith and (I) Bruce Springsteen. There are more terrific musicians who also gave service to our country…check the source for a comprehensive list. Thank you for your service AND for the music! (Source)

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