Aug 25 2023

VA may add large biz to IHT 2.0, SBIR 23.3 BAA released, Smithsonian says ‘sorry,’ DOD biodefense council, Michael Baker buys Tidal Basin, former Booz Allen VP now Mitre CIO


  • DOD issues SBIR 23.3 BAA. Responses are due Oct 18.

  • DOL uncovers sources of misspent pandemic unemployment funds: Improper payments account for one-third of the department’s funds.

  • Experts warn of 'contradictions' in POTUS’ AI policy documents: Specialists say a lack of guidance from the WH is proving a challenge.

  • The government got a new mini laser weapon: It kind of looks like something you’d find out of the Mad Max movies.



USSF seeks ideas for rapid satellite deployment through its ‘Tactically Responsive Space Challenge’.

The U.S. Space Force is kicking off a new initiative focused on the rapid deployment of satellites during conflicts or emergencies. Under a program called ‘Tactically Responsive Space Challenge,’ the proposals selected by the USSF can win awards of up to $1.7M. Read more

Is the microelectronics industrial base truly inextricable from US research interests?

There appears to be a steady and growing demand for microelectronics as a key enabler for advancement in nearly every technology sector, indicating that US research interests seem closely tied to the microelectronics industrial base. However, an astonishing 92% of the global supply of all microprocessors are made in Taiwan; the US produces just 12% of them. Read more

Fighting the zombie apocalypse: DOD’s new biodefense council to deter Chinese biological weapons.

The DOD is launching a new biodefense council and seeking more than $800M to prepare for biological emergencies and deter countries like China from pursuing biological weapons. But biological defense isn’t as straightforward as the type of security that’s bought with aircraft carriers and missiles. Read more

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Defense Contract Awards

  • Array, Verato land spots on $330M DCSA credit reporting contract.

  • SES Space & Defense books $238M DISA low-latency, high-throughput satellite comms BPA.

  • BAE subsidiary books $92M Navy IDIQ for tech support, fleet services.

  • Techne wins $1.8M contract to support USCG's BI platform.

  • Charles River wins STTR Ph2 TITAN contract with AFRL.

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ODNI reminds space startups that foreign entities will probably steal their stuff.

ODNI recently put out a warning reminding participants in the supersonic space startup scene that "foreign intelligence entities" may attempt to steal their technology assets and intellectual property. Read more

Intel leaders to convene at POC’s 9th Annual Intel Summit.

The Potomac Officers Club is hosting its 9th Annual Intel Summit on Sep. 21, where public sector intelligence officials and industry experts will come together to dive into the most crucial conversations surrounding intelligence. Click to register for the summit! Read more

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SBs jumping through hoops to keep their special contracting status.

A court ruling is forcing small businesses to detail bias to keep their special contracting status. Lawyers and contracting experts urged SBs proving disadvantage in a ‘narrative’ to take the document seriously as their participation in the SBA’s 8(a) program is on the line. Read more | See also the SBA’s guidance following the ruling. use has spiked by 50% across the government.

Nearly half a year after a scathing IG report exposed the GSA for years of misleading federal agencies on the security of its platform, GSA announced that the identity-proofing website has seen a 50 percent increase in use over the past year. Read more

The DEA has been hiring applicants who lied on polygraphs.

For years, the DEA has violated its own policy of ruling out for employment candidates who fail or cheat on a polygraph, according to a watchdog review that found the agency created potential security risks and the perception of unfair hiring practices. DEA also faces allegations of nepotism. Read more

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Civilian Contracts Awards

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DC Capital-backed Owl Cyber Defense buys Big Bad Wolf Security.

Owl Cyber Defense has acquired Big Bad Wolf Security in a deal aimed at accelerating Owl’s expansion into the government cloud market. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed and Owl said it will add BBWS’ cloud security and cross-domain solutions to the parent company’s product portfolio. Read more

Parsons buys cybersecurity company SealingTech.

Parsons has purchased Sealing Technologies for approximately $200M in a transaction that broadens its client base across the DOD and IC and strengthens its presence in the national security market. Read more

Michael Baker International buys Tidal Basin.

Michael Baker International has acquired emergency and disaster management consultancy Tidal Basin for an undisclosed sum as both companies seek more business opportunities to support crisis response efforts by the federal government. Read more


How can we keep telework as a reasonable accommodation?

If you're curious as to whether telework can be considered a reasonable accommodation - and assuming you're not just trying to juke the system - there are certain instances in which working remotely could be protected as a reasonable accommodation for those with a qualifying circumstance. Read more

Smithsonian says sorry for its weirdly large collection of human remains.

The head of the Smithsonian Institution is apologizing for the dark history behind its collection of human remains. The secretary of the Smithsonian Institution addressed how a collection of tens of thousands of body parts was amassed during the first half of the 20th century — taken largely from Black and Indigenous people, as well as other people of color, and mostly without their consent. Read more

What's the best way for CDOs to unlock the power of AI?

AI promises to transform the way that people and organizations operate. For government agencies, AI models can offer a wide range of solutions – from improved public safety and better citizen services to enhanced decision-making and more robust fraud detection. But what's the key to maximizing AI's potential for Federal CDOs? Read more


I bet you were thinking of Wyatt Earp and the wild west, huh? But nope, the office of the US Marshal was created by the First Congress under George Washington in 1789. Some famous Marshalls included Frederick Douglass (yes, the abolitionist!), Wild Bill Hickok, and John Marshall, who I imagined LOVED being called “US Marshall Marshall.” (Source)

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