Aug 04 2023

HII wins 1.4B DOD engineering TO, time saving GovCon AI tool, TRex buys Cyber Cloud, Gov tech officials test out AI, DOD CIO says use JWCC to buy Cloud


  • Armed Services demands DOD comply with SPACECOM query: 5th request; threats made to subpoena DOD for documents and interviews.

  • What a 'data ready' agency looks like: And how being 'data ready' can help agencies fully realize the value of analytics.

  • The White House is teasing a new AI executive order: But the government is still struggling to track its AI under 2020 rules.


We all know AI can be powerful, but how the hell do you use it in GovCon?

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US Army is readying a new artillery strategy.

Spurred by the war in Ukraine, the Army is hard at work on a new conventional fires strategy that is expected to be released by year's end, according to the head of Army Futures Command, who said “We did a very deliberate strategic fires study that underpin the long-range precision fires efforts." Read more

SOCOM taking lessons from modern 'triad' to see what it can apply to missions.

Building off a concept that was first discussed at the Army level, an informal partnership between three combatant commands has begun to take shape in the form of what officials refer to as the special operations forces, cyber, and space “triad.” Read more

DOD CIO calls for JWCC contract adoption to rationalize Pentagon cloud use.

John Sherman, DOD CIO has released a memorandum encouraging military departments and other DOD components to use the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract to buy future enterprisewide cloud service offerings across all classification levels. Read more

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Defense Contract Awards

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Defense Job Openings


New IC data strategy to respond to threats with "significant agility and refinement of data-driven activities".

With “opportunities and vulnerabilities” posed by digital transformation that “cross every facet of the IC,” the Intelligence Community released a new data strategy that aims to respond to current and future threats with “significant agility and refinement of data-driven activities.” Read more

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Tech officials caution on data security in public sector AI applications.

Officials from the State, Commerce, and Defense departments previewed some of the AI use cases each agency is researching at an event hosted by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center. The applications under discussion are diverse, but a common theme is the usage of AI algorithms to facilitate predictive analytics while still ensuring data privacy. Read more

IRS to digitize new tax returns by 2025.

The IRS is dipping into its multi-year modernization funds to digitally process all the tax returns it receives by 2025 — a major shift for an agency that still relies heavily on paper forms. The IRS will digitally process all the tax returns it receives, as well as half of all paper-based correspondence, non-tax forms, and notice responses. Read more

Lawmakers have til the 9th to probe State Dept. email hack.

Lawmakers on the GOP-led House Committee on Oversight and Accountability have announced an investigation into the recent hack that breached systems at the Department of State and Department of Commerce. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • 5 companies land spots on $85M IT BPA with NIH Heart Institute.

  • RELI Group has been awarded a 1-year, $8M task by NIH NLM.

  • ICF wins DOJ technical assistance $14M recompete.

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T-Rex eyes IC expansion with Cyber Cloud Technologies buy.

T-Rex Solutions has acquired Cyber Cloud Technologies for an undisclosed sum to broaden its presence within the Intelligence Community and expand its information technology service offerings for customers in the national security market. Read more

Arlington Capital adds Integrated Data Services to portfolio of companies.

Private equity firm Arlington Capital Partners has expanded its portfolio of companies with the recent acquisition of Integrated Data Services, a government contractor that offers software and technology-enabled support and development services. Read more


What is Quantum?

Quantum computing is not a new field by any means, but its impact and potential are still largely unknown. In the next few decades, experts believe quantum developments will have significant, game-changing implications in a myriad of fields, and the capabilities quantum unlocks will be critical for the country’s technological power. Read more

What do JFK documents reveal about the assassin's CIA monitor?

Last month, a new document dump in the ongoing declassification of Kennedy documents revealed the identity of the CIA screener: one Reuben Efron, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania. Read more

Americans like NASA, but they don't care much about putting people in space.

Most Americans (69%) believe it is essential that the United States continue to be a world leader in space. But only a subsection of that group believes NASA should prioritize sending people to the Moon, according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center. Read more


The Office of Planetary Protection is a division of NASA that protects the solar system from Earth and also protects Earth from the solar system. And there’s one guy, the Planetary Protection Officer, who is responsible for intergalactic cleanliness. (Source)

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