• FedRAMP bill hitches a ride on NDAA, SBOM falls off: NDAA for FY23 would codify FedRAMP and authorize GSA’s cybersecurity certification and risk management program.
  • Agencies lack funding to fully modernize IT for CX initiatives: Agencies lack resources to share insights, consolidate data from qualitative customer interviews and surveys.
  • The current state of GWACs in the federal market: Dive into the current state of GWACs: must-haves for contractors worth their salt.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs releases T4NG2 RFI: The VA got things moving on the next version of its highly sought-after IT contract vehicle with the release of an RFI.



We wanna go faster! Model-based systems engineering accelerates military modernization.

While the DOD has relied heavily on systems engineering since WWII, modern defense systems are more complex and call for a different approach to ensure projects stay within budget and are completed efficiently. Recent technological advancements have made model-based systems engineering a viable solution. Read more

$9B JWCC cloud contract to give Pentagon competitive edge over China.

Winners of the $9B JWCC contract have been announced, and the big winners are Google Support Services, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft. DOD says: Bring us your best tech! Read more | Contract wins

The Space Development Agency almost died — here’s why it didn’t.

Just three years ago, the future of the Space Development Agency was uncertain. Two of its strongest advocates in the Pentagon had resigned, and some speculated the organization, created to change the way the military buys and fields satellites, wouldn’t last more than a year. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

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Defense Job Openings


Accenture and Planet Lab to collaborate on AI-powered GEOINT tools.

Accenture, through its Accenture Ventures Project Spotlight initiative, announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Planet Lab to collaborate on AI-powered geospatial intelligence tools for sustainability, traceable supply chain and climate risk solutions. Read more

White House’s AI ‘Bill of Rights’ may risk national security.

The White House has proposed guidelines for AI’s use in its new AI Bill of Rights. While the blueprint emphasizes basic rights and principles of our democracy and catalogs examples of harm AI can cause, it fails to grapple with how to put those into practice. Read more

ICYMI Snippets


It’s blast off for OSC’s space traffic coordination pilot.

Commercial space firms began conducting space situational awareness data analysis for the Office of Space Commerce, as it takes over the role of space traffic coordinator this week. The analysis supports satellite tracking, safety notifications, and anomaly detection and alerts. Read more

Dynetics, Northrop team up on NASA Human Landing System bid.

Dynetics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leidos, announced it has submitted a bid on the Human Landing System Sustaining Lunar Development contract for NASA’s Artemis Mission, and Northrop Grumman will join in the pursuit.  Read more

Attacks in NC have FERC thinking “oh, dang, yeah, maybe we should shore up security more.” Mmm, yeah?

Updates are incoming for critical infrastructure protection standards that secure electric utilities and other energy-sector entities from attacks.  “I think, absolutely, we need to consider updating the liability standards,” said FERC Chairman Richard Glick. “Clearly things have changed. It’s important that we start considering that now.” Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • CDC awards Palantir consolidated disease surveillance contract worth up to $443M.
  • NNSA extends Triad National Security’s Los Alamos lab O&M contract period.
  • Guidehouse wins $650M VA Healthcare Innovation contract.

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Civilian Job Openings

  • NASA needs a Director, Technology Integration and Partnerships.


Octo to be acquired by IBM.

Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, DC-based private equity firm, announced it has agreed to sell Octo to IBM. Octo, headquartered in Reston, VA, is a pure-play digital modernization solutions provider to the federal government. Read more

A 2022 review: What were the 5 top National Security-related acquisitions in the last year?

Aerojet, QuinetiQ, LMI, Booz Allen, L3Harris all top the list. Read more



Camel beauty contest among Qatar’s World Cup attractions.

We hate to talk about Qatar because, you know, human rights abuses, but this is just pure fun! In this year’s Camel Pageant, a camel named Nazaa’a displayed not only dazzling beauty but also poise and grace Qatar Camel Mzayen Club. Nazaa’a batted her eyelashes and flashed a toothy smile for the television cameras and was a leading centerpiece of cultural attractions during the FIFA World Cup. A total of 15 camels competed for the crown. Read more

“Goblin Mode” is the OED’s Word of the Year. 

It’s mindlessly binge-watching television without worrying about the time. It’s eating snacks in bed without a care about leftover crumbs. And it’s wearing the same pair of pajamas all week while working from home. Welcome to “goblin mode.” The slang term is defined as a “type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations.” This year, Oxford Languages, the creator of the Oxford English Dictionary, titled “goblin mode” as the 2022 Word of the Year, meaning it best reflected the ethos and mood of the past 12 months. Read mores about this phrase to use | Cool words you need to stop saying



The Tomb of the Unknown Solider contains 2,111 Union and Confederate soldiers buried beneath the tomb, plus one Unknown from WW1, WW2, Korean War, and Vietnam War. However, in 1998, when DNA technology became more predictable, the Vietnam War body was exhumed and tested. The body was positively identified as Air Force 1st, Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie. His family had his body moved to St. Louis and interred at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Back in Washington, it was decided that the crypt that contained the remains of the Vietnam Unknown would remain vacant. Thus, there are 2,114 soldiers buried beneath the Tomb of the Unknown Solider today.

(Source || Source

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