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Quick Hits

Congressional committee advances bill to prevent Schedule F.

Seeking to block the previous White House’s previous efforts to reclassify tens of thousands of federal jobs as at-will ones, Democrats on the House Rules Committee advanced the Preventing a Patronage System Act yesterday by an 8-4 vote.
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Army’s Office of Small Business Programs has some stats about FY2022 performance.

Oooh we love some good spreadsheets and stats! In this one, we learn that Army has not yet achieved its HUBZone Small Business, Small Business, or Woman-Owned Small Business goals for FY2022. Their Top 5 small business NAICS includes a lot of R&D (as well as construction and building engineering), with an interesting $41.62M spent in electronic computer manufacturing for NGB. Time is ticking before the close of the FY….close those deals now!
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ICYMI Snippets:

Top Defense & Aerospace

“Cyber Workforce is Our Generation Space Race” – DOD CIO.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high, and the labor shortage in this field continues to grow. DOD is planning on a new strategy to close that gap that CIO John Sherman introduced during the Billington Cybersecurity Summit. “We have a cybersecurity workforce strategy coming out probably within the next 60 days,” Sherman said. “We need a dedicated workforce strategy … looking not only at cyber, but broader STEM efforts, and what we’re doing across the enterprise era. So, we have a strategy specifically on this as we look to diversify the workforce … this really is our generation space race.”
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DOD backs down from registration requirement.

Facing mounting delays with transitioning to a new unique entity identifier system at, Defense Pricing and Contracting office last week issued a deviation to the FAR that permits services and defense agencies to do business with companies not registered at
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Top Intel Community

Got opinions? CISA wants them before implementing the CIRCIA.

CISA is holding a series of listening sessions so you can yak at them before the new Cyber Incident Reporting and Critical Infrastructure Act reporting regulations go into effect. In the RFI announcement, CISA is specifically asking for industry feedback as they seek to define the meaning of “substantial cyber incident,” “ransom payment,” “ransomware attack” and “supply chain compromise.”
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“You’re too slow and cumbersome” – GAO to IC.

The GAO is stepping into how the IC uses commercial satellite imagery. As we all know commercial satellite companies can play a key role in providing imagery and data critical to national security issues. But GAO says that the IC and DOD have a “slow and cumbersome approach” to incorporating emerging commercial capabilities” that puts the US at “risk of losing a technological advantage over emerging competitors.” GAO also gave four recommendations on how to get this issue squared away.
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ICMY Snippets

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  • Mitre adds pair to its national security leadership team.
  • Former Director of FBI National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force joins FTI Consulting.

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Top Civilian

DHS not sufficiently tracking SW border migrant activity, according to OIG.

DHS’s OIG reported on Friday that the department’s technology systems are insufficiently tracking migrants at the Southwest border, with ad hoc and manual methods used all too often, over systems-based approaches. The report to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made eight recommendations, with department officials have concurred with.
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NIH injects $130M to provide quality tools, data for AI in medicine.

As part of the NIH’s launch of the Bridge to Artificial Intelligence program—or Bridge2AI—the agency is investing $130 million over four years in an effort to increase the use of artificial intelligence in biomedical and behavioral research. Bridge2AI researchers will create guides and standards for developing “ethically sourced, state-of-the-art, AI-ready data sets” that will help solve health issues, such as how factors like genes, behavior and environment impact a person’s health throughout their life.
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GovCon M&A Corner

SkyePoint Acquires SNR Government IT Services.

SkyePoint Decisions, Inc. acquires SNR Government IT Services LLC (SNR GITS), a subsidiary of Arrowpoint Corporation. SkyePoint acquired all assets including its DLA JETS, Army RS3, and Army ITES-3S information technology and cybersecurity services contract vehicles.
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Google wraps up purchase of Mandiant.

Google has wrapped up its $5.4 billion cash purchase of Mandiant as both companies aim to provide a suite of end-to-end platforms and support offerings designed to help customers secure cloud and on-premise information technology assets. The search engine company said the acquisition will provide enterprise clients access to advisory, threat detection and intelligence, automation and response, and managed defense services.
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Shower thoughts 🚿


Did you know that NASA has “for real” connections to the Star Trek TV show and universe?

NASA and Star Trek have boldly gone together since the finale of the show in 1969. In 1976, Trekkies petitioned NASA to change the shuttle’s name from “Constitution” to “Enterprise,” in honor of the show. President Ford sided with the Trekkies on the name idea. Later, NASA hired Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Nyota Uhura, to help recruit astronauts, and the result was an increase of minorities and women applicants. Read more about the long Trekkie + NASA relationship! 
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