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Polaris extended one last time (maybe).

It’s a never ending solicitation! GSA extended the deadline for Polaris. Proposals for the Small Business and Woman-Owned Small Business categories are now due on September 23. Also, GSA recently released the pre-solicitation notices for the SDVOSB and the HUBZone track.
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GAO says “nope” to BAH’s request to reconsider a ruling.

Backstory: GAO previously sustained Serco, Inc.’s protests against the issuance of a task order to BAH for professional support services for the Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare. Serco argued that BAH had improper competitive advantage that resulted from the employment by BAH’s teaming partners of two recently-retired Navy captains who had access to non-public, competitively useful information. Furthermore, they claimed that BAH had held meetings with contracting officers prior to the release of the RFP. BAH said, “Nuh uh, look again! Your decision was ‘tainted by errors of fact and law.'” To which GAO recently replied, “nope, we’re sticking with our decision thank you very much.”
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ICYMI Snippets:

Top Defense & Aerospace

White House to taps DOD weapons testing lead for Navy acquisition role.

The White House plans to nominate the DODs Operational Testing and Evaluation Director Nickolas Guertin to be the service’s next acquisition head. Guertin was sworn into his role as the director of operational test and evaluation in the Office of the Secretary of Defense last December after being confirmed by the Senate. Before taking on this position, Guertin did applied research on software-relient and cyber-physical systems at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute.
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The Army wants smarter sensors to ease soldiers’ cognitive burden.

The Army wants to make sure commanders and soldiers get data in near real-time. So the service’s shop for intelligence and electronic warfare is focusing on developing tools to do that without trawling through a morass of information. In the past, Army senior leaders weren’t very concerned about electronic warfare, according to Mark Kitz, who leads the Army’s Program Executive Office Intelligence Electronic Warfare and Sensors. But that’s changing, in part due to world events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kitz’s top priorities are developing prototypes for long-range sensing as well as “smart sensors that can offload some of the cognitive burden that we have on our analysts.”Those sensors would be able to aggregate data and deliver “smart suggestions” or “hypotheses or answers in that data.”
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Defense Contract Awards

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Top Intel Community

OIG finds issues with State Dept. Bureau of Intelligence and Research’s Geospatial data compliance.

The OIG at the Department of State said that the agency has not been complying with the Geospatial Data Act of 2018 (GDA) in its latest report from late August. The GDA requires that all federal agencies collect and preserve geospatial data and make it available to the general public and encourage the use of this data and promote the betterment of all federal agencies and their partners. “The Department has not fully complied with all responsibilities, in part, because of an inadequate internal control environment. Specifically, the Department lacks dedicated funding to facilitate compliance with its GDA responsibilities. Additionally, the Department does not have adequate control activities, such as documented policies and procedures,” stated the report.
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NGA maps out digital priorities for GEOINT.

The NGA’s Source Operations and Management Directorate is moving to a more digitally based world of mapping and information to support the key military missions and other governmental efforts. The Source Directorate’s operational priorities of leveraging—commercial geospatial intelligence, or GEOINT; assured positioning, navigation, timing and targeting; integrated collections; and modernized GEOINT dissemination—are grounded in the agency’s effort to construct a larger digital environment. To procure commercial GEOINT, the Source Directorate harnesses a range of contract vehicles such as “bailment agreements, no cost contracts, CRADAs [Cooperative Research and Development Agreements], the InQTel work program and other contracting authorities” to get access to or providing our vendors access to data as required in the easiest, fastest ways possible.
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ICMY Snippets

Intel Contracts Awards

  • Noblis wins a patent for a system that simulates security checkpoint environments.
  • KBR wins $4.8B USAF National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) technical intelligence contract with Xandar JV.

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  • Ramona Watts-Sutton is a new Head of Contracting Activity at the DO.
  • Doc McConnell took a position as Director of the Federal Enterprise Improvement Team at CISA.
  • Office of the National Cyber Director has announced new appointees. These include: Nicholos Leiserson and Joyce Corell.
  • Austin Y. Wang is now VP of the MITRE national security intelligence center.
  • Joe Greer former Technical Director, Defense Intelligence US Gov is transitioning to be a CTO at (TBD Oct 1st).

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Top Civilian

“Whoopsie-poopsie!” IRS admits to exposing confidential taxpayer info on its website.

The IRS earlier this year published confidential information about taxpayers on its website before finding the error and removing the data. The data related to organizations that submit the business tax return document Form 990-T. The inadvertent disclosures included names, contact information and financial information about income within those IRAs but did not include SSNs, full individual income information or other data that could affect a taxpayer’s credit. “The IRS recently discovered that some machine-readable (XML) Form 990-T data made available for bulk download section on the TEOS should not have been made public,” the IRS said. Cringe!
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NASA unveils $1.3B IT Draft-RFP.

NASA has released the draft solicitation for an eight-year, $1.3 billion task order that would consolidate up to 10 existing contracts. This will be a large business award and some of the notable incumbents on existing contracts include SAIC and GDIT. Mori Associates holds a communication and outreach contract as a large business. Small businesses hold the other remaining seven contracts to be consolidated into the NASA Consolidated Applications and Platform Services procurement. The draft request for proposals includes a requirement for subcontracting 32 percent of the work to small businesses. The agency will compete NCAPS via the General Services Administration’s Alliant 2 vehicle.
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GovCon M&A Corner

Blue Delta takes investment in Edgewater Federal Solutions.

Blue Delta provides growth capital to entrepreneurs in the GovCon space who want to grow without selling control of their companies. They have invested in 21 companies and 10 of which have been acquired. They just recently signed an agreement with Edgewater Federal Solutions a company that provides enterprise IT, cybersecurity, systems engineering, and data science and analytics for Government customers including the DOE and NIH.
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SPA acquires the operations research & cyber analysis division of Metron.

Systems Planning & Analysis, Inc. (“SPA”), an Arlington Capital portfolio company, announced that it has acquired the Operations Research & Cyber Analysis (OCRA) division of Metron. ORCA specializes in operations research, systems of systems engineering, model-based system engineering, and digital engineering processes for the Navy and other marquee national security customers. After closing, Jeff Monroe, Coni Ratonel and Matt Norton will continue to manage ORCA as a division within SPA’s Naval, Nuclear and Critical Infrastructure sector, led by Vice Admiral (Ret.) Terry Benedict.
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Shower thoughts 🚿

What’s the most recognizable voice in Animation?

Nope, it’s not Mickey Mouse. It’s actually Yogi Bear! A new study surveyed US adults with a shortlist of 40 of the most iconic animated voices. Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson, and Shaggy Rogers landed in the top 4 (in order). Mickey Mouse actually placed fifth. Shocking: 55% of millennials couldn’t recognize Charlie Brown’s voice. Congrats to DOI for creating a long-lasting, memorable character! 
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One of the biggest property landgrabs is underway, and it’s happening in your front yard.

Walmart and Amazon and other giant corporations eager to launch drone delivery services are using FAA authorizations to snatch up private airspace rights and paying us nothing in return. It’s only a matter of time until these companies seek federal authority to route low-flying drones directly over your home—even if you object.
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