• NIH to reconsider $50B CIO-SP4 criteria: NIH tells GAO that it will revisit its downselect criteria, giving renewed hopes to rejected bidders. .
  • IRS looking for new Enterprise File System: managed service solution to replace current EFS as part of its 2019 modernization plan.
  • Two Representatives spell out how agency-citizen performance should improve: The Trust in Government Act would mandate improvements.
  • Bid protests decline for the fourth consecutive year: Bid protests by industry declined 12% in FY12, according to GAO.


Security, survive, strike: Navy releases its Cyberspace Security Vision.

The Navy Department releases its Cyberspace Security Vision, showing that its cybersecurity posture is guided by the concept of “fighting hurt,” and the Marine Corps and Navy’s pivoting from computer network defense to computer network attack: “Security, survive, strike.” Read more

Lockheed Martin to invest in Terran Orbital.

Our goal here is to provide a BLUF approach to the readers with a bit of humor. We want the reader to know the main point of the story, provide some entertainment (if possible), and have a portion of the data in the story. All the minor details the reader will pick up on the linked article. Goal is (200 – 400 characters (3-5 lines) Read more

Navy releases final RFP for follow-on battlespace modeling & simulation.

The Navy is seeking proposals for a follow-on procurement of technical support services to model and simulate combat environments. The next Battlespace Modeling and Simulation contract will have an IDIQ structure and is reserved for small business proposers. The deadline for bid submissions is Dec. 9. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

  • As DOD satellites and other data collection systems collect more and more data, the need to keep humans in the loop for evaluating the data remains paramount, according to an op-ed.
  • Gimme a Software Factory: in January, DISA plans to launch Vulcan, which promises to provide a set of tools to enable DOD agencies to adopt modern software development practices.
  • NASA kicks off solicitation for potential $400M shared services center support IDIQ.

Defense Contract Awards

  • Lumen wins $1.5B DISA contract to provide network and communications services in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.
  • Akima Infrastructure Services was selected by Consolidated Network Security for a $63M, 4-year Energy Department contract to provide engineering, professional, and technical services.
  • Saalex Solutions wins $33M NAWCWD DITAC contract.

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Analyzing data next intel milestone: CIA CIO.

The ability to collect, analyze, understand and leverage an overwhelming amount of data is the key to information dominance against our adversaries and close competitors, according to CIA’s CIO, La’Naia Jones. She predicted that the amount of data that the intelligence community will only increase exponentially with time. Jones assumed her position in March 2022, after serving as NSA’s deputy CIO and its information sharing and safeguarding executive. Read more

Four ways Non-Traditional ISR could decrease time to insight.

With ISR now involving more data from satellites, social media, and other sources, one writer argues that there are four ways that a version Non-Traditional ISR that focuses on the data as the sensor can decrease the time to insight for intel operators. Read more

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New OCC component focuses on fintech.

Treasury Department’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is standing up a new Office of Financial Technology to better understand how financial technology in an evolving banking industry. The OCC charters and regulates national banks and savings associations. Read more

NIST’s coming digital ID update includes biometric standards proofing.

NIST’s forthcoming digital ID update, its first in five years, includes biometric standards proofing. NIST officials are providing guidance on issues relating to equity in facial ID technology, since such technologies are not always as accurate in identification of people of color. The digital ID update also will include information on non-facial recognition biometric technologoes. Read more

Quantum Space gearing up for first operational mission to cislunar space.

Quantum Space’s first operational mission to cislunar space will launch in October 2024 with partners GEOST, LLC and Blue Canyon Technologies. The mission will be the first step in creating a superhighway between Earth and the moon and will deploy commercial capabilities that enable spacecraft to operate in and travel through cislunar space and beyond. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • HomeSafe to resume transition work on $6.2B Transcom household goods relocation contract.
  • Accenture wins prime spot on $650M VA health care innovation contract.
  • General Electric secures $1.1B Navy aircraft engine support contract.

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Workforce dynamics remain paramount in government market.

The connection between employee headcount and revenues reflected on, after Booz Allen Hamilton and L3Harris Communications released their quarterly earnings reports and gave calls with investors and media. Read more

Going public will enable Leonardo DRS ability to grow: CEO.

Leonardo DRS, which agreed in June to merge with Israeli-based RADA Electronic Industries (NASDAQ: RADA), with the combined company trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “DRS,” will have a better ability to grow and make acquisitions as a result of the merger, according to CEO William Lynn. Read more


Structures could repair themselves in place thanks to self-healing materials.

A new self-healing composite allows structures to repair themselves in place. This latest tech resolves two longtime challenges for self-healing materials, and can extend the lifespan of structural components like wind-turbine blades and aircraft wings. Read more

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