You may already be a GovBrew subscriber and signed up because you were looking for GovCon news to help you with your job. Or maybe you’ve heard about GovBrew and wonder what the fuss is all about. Whichever side of the coin you are on, this interview with founders Chad and Shane Prosser will give you a better look at what GovBrew is all about and what it hopes to help you accomplish.

Chad and Shane Prosser: The Brother Duo

The shared last name makes it obvious there is a family connection between these business partners. While the two started their careers following very different paths – older brother Chad pursuing a baseball career and being drafted by the Houston Astros and little brother (or little-big brother as they like to say) Shane enlisting with the US Army – the two have always shared entrepreneurial vision.

They have also always supported each other and worked well together. This includes Chad cheering Shane’s first childhood hit in baseball, even when he ran to third base instead of first, and Chad forgiving Shane for an accidental bloody nose at a family party when the two were roughhousing.


The GovCon Connection

While serving in Afghanistan, Shane learned about government contracting and made friends in the industry who shared their knowledge and experience. Departing from military service, Shane headed to DC with he hopes of joining the GovCon world, reading all he could, learning where there was intel to be had, and eventually landed a job working in corporate development for a large publicly traded government contractor.

After retiring from his baseball career, Chad found his way to a successful career with a leading global supplier of medical solutions. However, the notion of going into business together always lingered between both brothers.

Making Their Own Opportunity

Leaning on Shane’s knowledge of assessing companies, the two began seeking an existing, available certified service-disabled Veteran-owned business (SDVOB) that was in the market to sell. Soon into the search, they came across the very small company Citadel Federal Solutions, which they acquired in 2016 to get a start in GovCon and later rebranded to what is now FalconTek. Their company has since grown to provide professional and technical support to government and commercial clients.

OK… but get to the GovBrew Part.

Understanding that knowledge is power and that intelligence comes from following bits of information found in 100s of different sources, the two quickly realized they, and their team at FalconTek, were spending hours each day to catch up on the multiple sources available to them. Feeling bits of knowledge were scattered and that the material was dry and overly formal, out of necessity for FalconTek the two set out to create their own broader information pipeline that provided a quick hit of information, was more relatable, removed all the BS, and that brought a bit of fun.

Starting by sharing their newly formed newsletter with a select group of friends, the product got great reviews. After taking in feedback and refining the presentation of information, Shane and Chad expanded the GovBrew audience to a larger network. Today, the newsletter is rapidly growing its readership while continuing to reflect the brothers’ original vision of providing value GovCon community. “Most GovCon news has this drift of suit-and-tie marketing speak, but that isn’t how we interact and is not how we engage with our partners or clients. GovBrew’s intent is to be casual, fun, and more like a conversation among friends. When people open the newsletter, they are opening something that will inform but also make them smile, maybe even laugh out loud.”

They also saw a need in the market to provide a one-stop-resource for news related to defense, intelligence, and civilian sectors in a manner that did not drive people to multiple sites that were ad blocked or hard to navigate.


Why This Interview and Why Now?

GovBrew is growing. Beyond looking to expand its subscriber base to the free newsletter, the team just hosted a virtual happy hour event complete with teams, prizes, and great speakers. The brothers have plans to provide more content, events, and value to the GovCon community.

With the launch of the new website will also come more premium content, market research, and a new program called GovBrew Insider, which will offer increased access to agency intel and opportunities.

Did we Answer it All?

We hope you have a better idea of what GovBrew is, how it came to be, and how it provides value to you. If you have other questions we didn’t answer, please reach out and ask anything. Do you need to know if they won that ball game despite Shane’s backwards run? Are you itching to find out if Chad ever paid his brother back for the bloody nose? The GovBrew team is excited to get to know the community and is eager to hear how they can improve on what they are doing so they can continue to provide value in a way that is fun and easy.

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