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Advertising With GovBrew

What is GovBrew?

GovBrew is a free weekly email newsletter that provides market updates on the business of federal government contracting. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, our readers rely on us for an educational and entertaining briefing of GovCon’s top stories. GovBrew is considered a “must-read” publication by 10,000+ subscribers in the GovCon community.

What advertising options does GovBrew offer?
—Newsletter Takeover (top placement & includes logo)
—GovBrew Picks (text ads)
—GovBrew Featured Jobs (text ads)
—GovBrew Trivia & Crossword (text ads)

Who are GovBrew readers?
–10,000+ subscribers
–40% GovCon executives
–20% GovCon business owners
–20% mid-levels/associates
–10% program/technical staff

Industry of Readers:
–50% GovCon growth executives in the Defense, Civilian, and Intel Space
–20% service providers (lawyers, accountants, consultants)
–15% venture capitalists, investment bankers/managers, strategist
–15% government/other

What placements do the various advertising types receive on the newsletter?

1. The Newsletter Takeover provides a logo placement at the very top of the newsletter, a sponsorship title line with a link to your website or landing page.  It also includes an in-line native story in the middle of the newsletter designed to align with the GovBrew voice and design. A native story can also include an image for an animated GIF. This provides exposure for one day, with the ad featured multiple places throughout the newsletter.

There is one Prime Placement Package per day on the newsletter. It is priced on a per day or per week basis.

2. GovBrew Picks, which are text, feature a message with a link in our GovBrew Picks section of the newsletter. GovBrew Picks are a great way to promote special offers and deals or to drive clicks to compelling content, particularly when your budget is limited.

3. GovBrew Featured Jobs, which are text, feature a job with links to the website where the job description resides. The Featured Jobs section shows a maximum of three jobs in each email and is a great way to get attention to your company’s most unimportant positions. 

4. GovBrew Trivia & Crossword, provide our readers with a text ad that links to your website. This is a great way to get in front of our readers and show commitment to the GovCon community

Click here for a sample newsletter with the various placements for the prime placement ad.

You may place an ad by filling out the online form at the following link:
—Newsletter Takeover (top placement & includes logo)
—GovBrew Picks (text ads)
—GovBrew Featured Jobs (text ads)
—GovBrew Trivia & Crossword (text ads)