• For once, inflation is friendly! SBA adjusts size standards, economic disadvantage limits, and 8(a) Sole source dollar limits for inflation.
  • The reason behind dwindling protest numbers:  For the fifth year in a row, the number of bid protests presented for to the GAO has dropped.
  • DHS wants to deploy ‘easy button’ for cloud adoption: The Department is planning a contract vehicle to help components buy cloud.
  • China’s cyber capabilities ‘pose a serious threat’: China’s focus on cyber “poses a formidable threat to the United States in cyberspace.”
  • Iranian hackers compromised a federal agency’s network: Bad actors were able to exploit an unpatched Log4Shell vulnerability, say FBI, CISA.


How much did the Manhattan Project cost? (total cost through August 1945)

A. $850 million
B. $1.25 billion
C. $1.90 million
D. $2.35 million

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The Army moved 160K users to Google Workspace in just two weeks.

The Army isn’t wasting time moving soldiers, guardsmen, and reservists to the Google Workspace app. It plans to have at least 250,000 users on the platform by 2023. The transition comes as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that saw reservists and National Guard members struggling to access their email. Read more

Can the US military move quickly enough to outpace its adversaries?

As the military pivots toward the escalating peer competition and accelerates its migration to the cloud, leaders are wondering how best to leverage cloud computing from operational scenarios to the tactical edge — in a hypothetical “night after” scenario, would the military have what it needs to move quickly enough to outpace its adversaries?  Read more

DOD fails audit, sees Ukraine as ‘teachable moment’ in accountability.

The audit covered the DOD’s $3.5 trillion in assets and $3.7 trillion in liabilities and involved 1,600 auditors conducting 220 in-person site visits and 750 virtual site visits. The 27 individual audits that comprise the effort yielded nine clean opinions, one modified opinion and disclaimers for the rest. This was on par with last year’s results. The number of the DoD’s material weaknesses also stayed steady at 28. Read more

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Defense Job Openings

Defense Contract Awards


Why the NSA is opening up to outsiders in its fight for cybersecurity.

Lots of NSA cyber threat hunters are relocating to a new office: an unsecured suburban office park in Maryland. NSA officials say they are trying to reduce bureaucratic barriers and make it easier for agency talent to work more closely with increasingly vital private sector security researchers. “No guns, no guards, no gates,” said the director of the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center. Read more | NSA press release

NCSC, partners unveil “Safeguarding Science” toolkit.

The NCSC and its partners have announced a collaboration between parts of the nation’s intelligence and scientific communities to mitigate risks it faces from nation-state, criminal, and other threat actors. Read more

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Emerging Technology Forum: In case YOU missed it!

If you didn’t make the Emerging Technology roundtable event on Wednesday, then you missed a wonderful opportunity to meet some key federal technology innovators at the DHA, CMS, GSA, and FDA. Fortunately for you, GovBrew has the scoop!

The discussion focused on current projects, challenges, investment in new technology, and advice for small businesses. Read more


GSA OASIS drops! GSA plans more domains, small business spots.

GSA has unveiled a first draft solicitation for the recompete of the governmentwide OASIS professional services vehicle, providing more details on what the plan for the acquisition is. The vehicle’s new iteration goes by OASIS+; the plus sign could refer to several things that are new about the vehicle, namely the structure of small business awards and the number of service domains. Read more

IRS exec says callback trial saved taxpayers 1.7M hours of hold time.

A trial of a telephone callback system conducted last year by the IRS saved taxpayers about 1.7 million hours of hold time, according to an IRS senior customer experience leader. Rolling out the new tech apparently has significantly improved customer experience for certain taxpayers and kept them from spending hours on the phone. Read more

GSA establishes new legal division for technology services.

The GSA recently expanded its technology offerings to cover legal services with the creation of a new division within the OGC. Dubbed the Technology Law Division, the division will be tasked with providing “dedicated and specialized legal services to GSA’s technology-focused components.” Read more

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Civilian Contracts Awards

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Civilian Job Openings


Enlightenment Capital acquires IT services provider Agile Defense.

Enlightenment Capital has purchased Agile Defense, which provides digital transformation and IT platforms and services to the DOD and other federal govt. customers. Agile Defense offers enterprise IT, DevSecOps, cloud migration support, compliance as a service, cybersecurity assessment and risk management, and IT service management support to U.S. military branches, DISA, and federal clients. Read more

C3 Integrated Solutions, Steel Root create CMMC-focused services provider.

C3 Integrated Solutions and Steel Root have merged to form a new entity that will provide end-to-end managed services to help defense contractors comply with the CMMC program and other regulatory standards. Read more



What’s the best way to win hackathons and coding challenges?

Hackathons and coding challenges are fiery furnaces that throw immense temporal, technical, and social heat — and in that eat, one can forge one’s mettle and push their limits. Learn more about this trial by fire and take notes on some guidance for navigating – and winning – these ardent gauntlets. Read more

FDA approves lab-grown meat, putting it one step closer to your dinner plate.

This week the FDA gave approval to Upside Foods, a CA-based startup, to sell its lab-grown, or “cultivated,” chicken. The product — which is biologically indistinguishable from chicken meat taken from a slaughtered bird — is made by growing animal cells in bioreactors, which are fed a mix of nutrients to develop into fat and muscle tissue. Though the company still needs USDA approval before it can sell to consumers, it’s a major step forward in the race to what could be an ethically and environmentally superior form of meat. How does it taste? “Gamey and crispy.” Read more



The total cost of the Manhattan Project through August 1945 was $1.9 billion.

In 2022 dollars, the cost would be $31.2 billion.


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