• House passes FY23 omnibus spending bill, averting shutdown: After Senate had already passed spending bill.
  • Congrats, SEC! GAO finds it’s only agency to implement OMB personal data disclosure guidance: GAO reports on OMB’s August 2022 guidance.
  • National Cyber Director Chris Inglis set to retire in coming months, according to reports: became first national cyber director in July 2021.


What are some things you can be doing NOW to prepare for big contract vehicles that will be released in 2023?

  • Start by making a list of opportunities that are expected to be released in the next year. If they are recompetes, figure out who the incumbents are and what services they offer on the contract. Identify who the major players are likely to be for these contracts.
  • Begin building relationships with your partnering companies–both prime companies and small subcontractors. Look at upcoming events to figure out how to gain face time with Prime contractors. Begin making a list of areas that you would need your subconsultant team to strengthen, and begin researching who are the best companies to strengthen the team.
  • Identify what services or products you bring to a consultant team if you are looking to jump on a team as a subcontractor. What extras do you bring to the Prime contractor beyond your small business certification?
  • Update your information with the government. Update your GSA schedule and your catalog, ensure your sales reporting is in, submit any new forms, and gather all your past performance details.
  • Begin pulling together your proposal and marketing content now. There’s no need to wait for a contract to be released to start ensuring that your Capabilities Statement is up to date, your pitch is fine-tuned, and your portfolio pieces are up to date. You can also begin identifying what your cost margins might be. Update your website to ensure you are findable to other firms seeking to bolster their teams.

If you don’t already know what the big contracts are that are expected to drop, here is Forbes’s list of top 20 federal contracting opps for FY23.


Northrup Grumman passes key test for space-based solar power.

Northrup Grumman has completed ground-based tests to demonstrate critical technology required for a 2025 demonstration of space-based solar power. A key demonstration of the Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstrations and Research (SSPIDR) program shows the ability to beam radio frequency energy toward various antennas by steering the beam.  Read more

Military branches are losing expensive cyber talent to the private sector.

Okay, GAO, did we need to spill any ink to tell us what we already knew? The lack of required military service for cyber talent, among other causes, is resulting in the military branches losing cyber talent to better-paying private sector opportunities, many leaving after completing expensive and advanced cyber courses. The Air Force and Navy require three years of service after completing cyber training, while the Army and Marine Corps have no such obligation. Read more

Money flows for technology, cybersecurity in new Defense budget.

DOD has finally found funding for 10 new software programs through the Software and Digital Pilot Program in its FY23 budget. Rather than following the weapons procurement funding model, the pilot program gives the DOD funds that are “colorless,” meaning they are good for two years to spend on IT development.  Read more

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Defense Contract Awards

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Geospatial-intelligence agency to expand capacity amid ‘data deluge.’

The NGIA expects to field an expanded delivery capability, the Joint Regional Edge Node, as soon as fiscal 2024 to better handle a “deluge” of data, according to NGA Director Vice Adm. Frank Whitworth. Read more

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HHS, health information networks expect rollout of trusted data exchange next year.

Multiple applicants expect to have fully operational health information networks for securely sharing clinical data within a year of receiving approval, according to National Coordinator for Health IT Micky Tripathi. Read more

Insiders worry CISA is distracted from critical cyber mission.

For four years, since its creation within DHS to streamline and lead federal cybersecurity efforts, internal divisions and morale problems appear to be hindering the CISA, according to interviews with current and former CISA insiders. Read more

FY23 omnibus elevates CIO responsibilities at DOJ, State, USDA.

In the 4,100 page FY23 omnibus appropriations bill, the CIOs at DOJ, State Department, and USDA are granted more oversight approval authority for technology projects within their agencies. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • Five companies to bring IT services to NIH’s cancer research org through $1.7B BPA.
  • 22 cargo airlines snag spots on $1.5B IDIQ from the U.S. Transportation Command.
  • Yulista awarded $540M NASA aircraft support contract.

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NV5 signs definitive agreement to acquire subscription-based L3Harris geospatial data analytics software business.

NV5 Global, Inc., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire  L3Harris Technology Inc.’s subscription-based geospatial data analytics software business, which includes 150 employees. The all-cash transaction should be finalized in the first half of 2023. Read more

L3Harris receives regulatory approvals for Link 16 purchase from Viasat.

L3Harris Technologies has received all regulatory clearances needed to advance its acquisition of Link 16, the tactical data link product line of Viasat. In October, L3Harris has agreed to purchase Viasat’s TDL portfolio for about $1.96B, and the acquisition should close by Jan. 3. Read more


Ever notice how Millennials hate to make telephone calls?

“Phone phobia” is a pattern among Millennials and Gen Z; many much prefer to text instead of call someone on the expensive smartphone in their hand. One woman charges $480 per hour to help Gen Z and Millennial workers overcome their fear of the phone and to develop phone-speaking confidence.  Read more

Did anything good happen in 2022? Here are 9 breakthroughs this year that gave us hope for the future.

There was a lot that was crap about 2022 (did I hear someone say “the economy?”), but there were some real highlights for the human race. We (mostly) stopped monkeypox, we crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid, government-funded psychedelic research is finally back, the hole in the ozone layer is finally shrinking, and more positivity. Read more

Why does the Air Force need upgraded ski planes to protect the Arctic?

Well, mainly to keep pace with Russian and Chinese expansion, according to a provision tucked away in the fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill — lawmakers are eager to get a head start by designing new airframes for the Air Force.  Read more

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