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Get the lowdown at our VA and DHA Networking Happy Hour.

GovBrew is excited to invite you, the GovBrew Crew, to a Industry Happy Hour with VA and DHA. Get the scoop from the DHITS conference, and then attend some networking breakout rooms to exchange ideas. Also, there will be trivia and prizes! September 15 from 5:00-6:15 pm.
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Army examining network portfolio in era of digital warfare.

Defense Undersecretary Gabe Camarillo last week announced the Army is engaged in a far-reaching communications network modernization study is underway, as Army officials seek to win digital skirmishes
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ICYMI Snippets:

Top Defense & Aerospace

After successful protest, Army to redo $200M Special Operations procurement

The Army will rework a $200M Special Operations support procurement, after a U.S. Court of Federal Appeals approved a contract revival plan on Monday, siding with Seventh Dimension LLC and its protest.
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Army two-star gives update on Capability Sets tactical modernization program

Maj. Gen. Jeth Rey, director of the Army Futures Command’s Network Cross Functional Team, gives an update on the service’s two-year Capability Sets initiative, through which more than 300 units have had their networks modernized and issued network devices and tools.
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ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

Follow the Defense Leaders

  • Mike Madson takes helm as Acting Director of DIU.
  • Kevin Hollingsworth took a position as Chief Technology Officers with the USAF ACC/A6.
  • Sharon Li was promoted as Staff Officer, Chief Technology and Innovation Office at US Space Force.
  • James Sterling got a promotion with the USAF. He’s now the Manager, CIO Strategy.

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Top Intel Community

Al-Queda, ISIS making forays into Africa.

While U.S. forces have Al-Queda and ISIS cells on the run, with occasional assasinations of top terrorist leaders in recent years, the two terorrist organizations are primarily responsible for 5,110 violent events in Africa in 2021, according to the Africa Center for Strategic Studies.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence contain significant security risks, according to National Intelligence University and NGA writers.

In a Homeland Security Today op-ed published yesterday, two writers argue that artificial intelligence and machine learning could be derailed by issues of control, includnig how advanced AI decision-making aligns with human goals, even though many would focus more on the risks posed by bad actors. Dr. Mark Bailey is a major in the U.S. Army Reserve and chair of the Cyber Intelligence and Data Science Department and the Co-Director of the Data Science Intelligence Center, at the National Intelligence University. Co-author Kyle Kilian is an intelligence officer at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
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ICMY Snippets

Intel Contracts Awards

  • SAIC wins roughly $400M in second-quarter space, IC contracts.
  • OSI Systems wins $22 million border security inspection systems.

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  • ExtraHop appoints four new leaders to C-Suite: Matt Parson (CFO), Christine Nurnberger (CMO), Lauren Zajac (CLO), and John Hoffman (CPO).



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Top Civilian

SSA OIG finds trouble in SSA agile software development practices.

The SSA OIG did an investigation into their agile software development practices and found some trouble. The report identifies that the SSA failed to implement key best practices and certain controls to manage its agile software development projects in potential defiance of federal directives. The IG audit found “instances where SSA did not follow” key agile development best practices. The SSA wasn’t very agile in it’s practices as it didn’t hit specific agile principles around early and continuous delivery of valuable software, failed to ensure its agile project management tool was providing reliable data. The OIG report states that the SSA is in need of improving its agile training across the team and exec levels.
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Small Businesses nab spots on FAA SETIS contract.

Some small businesses won spots on a big FAA SETIS contract. 11 firms won spots on the contract, and 8 of them were small businesses.  There are over 220 prime and subcontractor awardees who are part of the SETIS portfolio. Small business primes were:

  • A3 Technology, Inc.
  • Advanced Sciences & Technologies (AS&T)
  • ATAC Corporation
  • Cavan Solutions, Inc.
  • Concept Solutions, Inc.
  • Crown Consulting, Inc.
  • Mosaic, ATM, Inc.
  • Veracity Engineering, LLC

(The 3 large firms that won spots are listed below.)
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ICMY Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

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GovCon M&A Corner

SGH completes acquisition of Stratus Technologies.

On Monday, SMART Global Holdings, Inc. announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Stratus Technologies, a provider of protected and autonomous computing solutions in the data center and at the edge.
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Sigma7 acquires Intelligence Fusion.

Last week, Sigma7 announced that it has acquired Intelligence Fusion, a UK-based data and software solutions business whose technology provides intelligence-community grade, client-specific, security and threat information.
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Shower thoughts 🚿

OMB officials launch listening tour .

Seeking feedback on their plans to bridge the federal “data divide” hampering equity goals  for collecting federal statistical data on race and ethnicity, OMB officials have launched a listening tour beginning Sept. 15.
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Next-generation background investigation software debuts.

The National Background Investigation Services software program is open, with a new portal for submitting security clearance applications up and running for up to 65 agencies, according to the head of the NBIS program.
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