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GSA has a new BPA to simplify government-wide cloud acquisitions.

The GSA is primed to standardize government-wide cloud acquisitions with its new ‘Ascend’ multiple award BPA. ‘Ascend’ is the result of many months of research on behalf of federal and industry agencies. According to the draft PWS, the GSA wants to set requirements for  “the acquisition, business, operations, reporting, and technology capabilities provided by commercial Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and cloud-focused labor service providers that are not currently accessible under other GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) or Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs).”
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The time is near to add IT workforce ratings to the FITARA scorecard.

The ACT-IAC has released a report recommending new changes to the biannual FITARA scorecard. The report urges Congress to include a technology workforce category to the biannual Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act report cards issued by the House Oversight and Reform Committee.
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GovBrew Emerging Technology Forum: Driving Innovation in the Public Sector.

GovBrew is hosting a virtual forum on innovative emerging technologies. It will be an action-packed two-hour event where top Federal agency leaders will discuss their experience deploying cutting-edge technologies in the public sector and how they use them to drive real change and meet their agency’s mission. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Government Speakers

  • Cindy Good – Dept of Treasury – Senior Analyst, Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (confirmed)
  • Brett Smith – Dept of Treasury – Director – Payment Strategy & Innovation (confirmed)
  • Kathryn Wetherby – CMS – Deputy Director Marketplace IT Group, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) (confirmed)
  • Sanja Bararic – HHS – Artificial Intelligence Program Lead (pending approval)
  • Robert Whetsel – FDA – Associate Director for Data Architecture, Senior Advisor for Data Architecture (pending approval)
  • Ron Williams – GSA – Director, Cloud Adoption & Infrastructure Optimization (pending approval)

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ICYMI Snippets:

  • Former HUD Assistant Inspector General convicted of falsifying financial disclosure forms.
  • Learn the basics behind the frequently misunderstood limitations on subcontracting.


GovCon Trivia

How well do you think you know the federal government?

In what year did the National Zoo (Smithsonian) open?

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Top Defense & Aerospace

DOD spectrum sharing must grow to keep U.S. economic edge.

The DOD may be the nation’s biggest spectrum user, but it needs to share more of the spectrum to keep the U.S. economically competitive. DOD’s CIO said that greater spectrum sharing is possible without compromising national security. For that to happen, the Department needs to balance economic advantage by maximizing its share of the spectrum.
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Space Force procurement chief bashes satellite programs as “over-engineered.”

The Space Force’s track record of issuing contracts to over-engineered satellite systems needs to end, according to the assistant secretary of the Air Force for space acquisition and integration. The old approach of using seven-year contracts to develop GEO satellites needs to change if the U.S. hopes to keep up with China’s rapid construction of new constellations.
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Top Intel Community

NSA, CISA share ways to combat threat actors compromising OT/ICS.

NSA and CISA have published a cybersecurity advisory that shares ways to defend against cyber actors who compromise operational technology/industrial control system assets. The advisory notes that threats are on the rise against OT/ICS assets essential to day-to-day critical infrastructure and processes.
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DHS spending $700,000 to research counterterrorism in video games.

A DHS-funded grant is going toward research covering multiplayer games as avenues of white supremacist radicalization. The DHS is devoting nearly $700,000 to a joint research program working toward the “development of a set of best practices and centralized resources for monitoring and evaluation of extremist activities.”
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Top Civilian

The cost to implement cyber mandates for water infrastructure is too damn high!

Experts are saying that the cost of implementing federal cyber mandates for water infrastructure are getting out of hand. A Congressional hearing saw lawmakers and experts characterizing recent instances of hacking as urgent threats to public security — particularly in rural regions and underserved communities.
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$1.2T IIJA is under fire from state highway officials.

State transportation officials are less than thrilled that the DOT is setting goals to curb greenhouse gas emissions on roads. State officials are putting pressure on federal agencies to give their departments more flexibility when it comes to what they can spend under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
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GovCon M&A Corner

Kaman wraps up purchase of Parker Hannifin’s Aircraft Wheel, Brake Division.

Aerospace components maker Kaman is finalizing its buyout of Parker Hannifin‘s business division offering aircraft braking products, systems, and services. The new Kaman subsidiary generates around $70M annually and serves military aircraft, general, and business aviation and rotorcraft operators.
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WSP Closes Purchase of Wood’s Environment & Infrastructure Business

Canada’s engineering services provider WSP Global has acquired John Wood Group’s environment and infrastructure business for ~$1.81 billion as part of a push to accelerate its environmental service offerings. Alexandre L’Heureux, president and CEO of WSP, has said the company will welcome 6,000 E&I employees, and that the acquisition will enable WSP to pursue opportunities in the environmental and water sectors while still providing multidisciplinary services.
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Shower thoughts 🚿

Space Force debuts an official service song that, ironically, can’t be heard in the vacuum of space. 

One might think that if the Space Force were to debut a song, it would be audible ito any passerby extraterrestrials curious enough to listen in. Unfortunately, not only can Space Force’s official service song ‘Semper Supra’ not be heard beyond the stratosphere, some don’t consider it worth hearing it at all. 
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Why on earth does the US fiscal year start in October?

In 1974, Congress passed the the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act (CBICA), signed by President Richard Nixon, establishing a budget process and new dates for the government’s fiscal year, moves that leaders hoped would make it easier to agree on annual federal spending plans. Almost a half century later, consensus on federal budgets is more elusive than ever, and Congress keeps passing continuing resolutions that maintain government spending at the previous fiscal year’s levels. Prior to 1974, the government’s fiscal year started on July 1 and ended on June 30. The CBICA made the change to allow Congress more time to agree upon a budget each year.
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The Trivia Answer is….  


In 1889 President Grover Cleveland officially signed an act of congress into law creating the National Zoological Park for “the advancement of science and the instruction and recreation of the people.” Two years later, the animals who had been living on the National Mall had a new home. Frederick Law Olmsted, the premiere architect of the day, designed the Zoo within Rock Creek Park in northwest Washington, D.C., which officially opened in 1891.


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