• Treasury Dept. looks for new tech to show physical money is legit: Could include both device-assisted and non-device-assisted features.
  • Cybercriminals scam two federal agencies via remote desktop tool: CISA and NSA warn agencies about means used to execute scams.
  • “Let’s build smaller and buy older tech.” Space acquisition chief moves to streamline acquisition process.
  • U.S. officially needs Freedom Online Coalition for the first time: 35 governments focusing on promoting digital liberties and enforcing AI standards and safeguards.
  • How might ChatGPT benefit bids and proposals? Think of the possibilities


L3Harris delivers experimental weather satellite.

L3Harris delivered the experimental Navigation Technology Satellite-3 to the AFRL for its final phase of integration and testing, keeping the program on track for a late 2023 launch. It would be the first U.S. positioning, navigation and timing experiment in nearly 50 years. Read more

U.S. Space Command’s Shaw sees need for rapid, responsive launch.

Amid growing threats from adversaries China and Russia, Lt. Gen. John Shaw, deputy commander of SPACECOM, said there’s a growing need for on-demand launch capabilities that can be leveraged to replace or augment satellites, which is called tactically responsive space. Read more

“Can we 3D print pillows, too?” Following first-of-a-kind military barracks, the National Guard hunts for new innovations to 3D print.

After the Texas NG last year printed military barracks in a first-of-its kind project, the National Guard Bureau plans to increasingly apply 3D printing as an innovative, cost-effective solution to its military construction needs. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

  • Ball Aerospace secures $78M contract option to build another weather satellite for Space Force.
  • Army selects four companies to build prototyes of new tactical truck.
  • Army has awarded Boeing a three-year, $92M contract to produce additional Next Generation Automated Test System (NGATS) units.
  • Humana Government Business won a contract mod with DHA worth $16M to ensure continuity of healthcare delivered during the T-5 Managed Care Service transition-in period.
  • L3Harris won a $21M contract mod for MOSSAIC sustainment services.

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Chinese spy sentenced to eight years in U.S. federal prison.

A Chinese spy who wanted to obtain U.S. citizenship so that he could obtrain a cybersecurity position in the U.S. government, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison. Ji Chaoqun is a 31-year old Chicago resident who was a member of the Army National Guard. Read more

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Energy Department makes plans to bring its core HR systems to the cloud.

Energy Department officials plan to bring DOE’s core HR systems to the cloud, which would make the department the first federal agency to do so. DOE posted an RFI as a part of this HR modernization process, as it seeks industry insights about how best to modernize to bring its HR systems fully to the cloud. Read more | Get the RFI

Oracle Cerner EHR system at VA, DOD and Coast Guard hit with network issues.

Did we bite off more than we can chew here? The Oracle Center EHR system deployed at hospitals operated by DOD, VA, and the Coast Guard suffered a major slowdown and connectivity issues last week, the latest chapter in an ambitious but troubled rollout. Will it be dubbed “excellent past performance” for the contractor, we wonder? Read more

Little guys, rejoice! GSA is ‘making strides’ on new SBIR contract.

The Group Manager for the GSA Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM) said that the Office of Assisted Acquisition Services will offer a government-wide contract vehicle for small business technologies. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • Oracle Cerner has been obligated $5M in funding as part of a $190M EHRM testing support services task order.

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Iron Bow buys GuardSight, expands zero trust offerings.

Iron Bow Technologies, an IT solutions provider based in Herndon, Va., has added more cybersecurity and zero-trust offerings through its acquisition of GuardSight, a provider of managed detection and response solutions.  Read more

Lockheed’s venture arm invests in sheet metal company.

Lockheed Martin Ventures has invested in Macchina Labs, which makes advanced sheet metal through AI and robotics to create an on-demand product. Read more


Twenty steps to achieving anything.

Do you ever struggle to appropriately define and pursue big goals? Do they ever seem unattainable or out of reach? Here are 20 steps that you can use to achieve anything. Read more

That’s interesting! Survey: CIOs feel elevated, consider themselves “changemakers.”

Turns out, CIOs consider themselves pretty important within their respective companies these days. According to the 22nd annual State of the CIO Report, conducted by the tech media firm Foundry, 85% of CIOs believe they are becoming a “changemaker” within their organizations, with more than 3 in 4 (77%) indicating their role has been elevated due to recent economic uncertainty.  Read more

Do you know someone who has composted themselves when they die?

Forget donating your body to science. Instead, turn yourself into mushroom playground! New York became the 6th US state to legalize natural organic reduction. The process involves putting a (human) body in a reusable steel cylinder packed with biodegradable materials such as alfalfa, straw, and wood chips. The bacteria that already lives in the body will break down the remains in about a month, after which the bones are removed and ground down in a process similar to cremation. Another two to six weeks later, you’re left with several hundred pounds of soil that can be used for gardening or can be spread in designated memorial grounds or forest conservation areas. Read more.

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