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Special Announcement đź“Ł

GovBrew is hosting our first virtual forum on innovative emerging technologies. It will be an action-packed two-hour event where top Federal agency leaders will discuss their experience deploying cutting-edge technologies in the public sector and how they use them to drive real change and meet their agency’s mission. Sign up now to reserve your spot.
Government Speakers
  • Cindy Good – Dept of Treasury – Senior Analyst, Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (confirmed)
  • Brett Smith – Dept of Treasury – Director – Payment Strategy & Innovation (confirmed)
  • Kathryn Wetherby – CMS – Deputy Director Marketplace IT Group, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) (confirmed)
  • Sanja Bararic – HHS – Artificial Intelligence Program Lead (pending approval)
  • Robert Whetsel – FDA – Associate Director for Data Architecture, Senior Advisor for Data Architecture (pending approval)
  • Ron Williams – GSA – Director, Cloud Adoption & Infrastructure Optimization (pending approval)

Quick Hits

GSA should be sharing government office utilization data.

More could be done to help the federal government work transition between remote and in-person working environments as agencies try to strike a balance with workspace needs and changes from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent GAO report. Since the pandemic’s disruption of the workplace, the GSA is rethinking its property portfolio, such as reducing office space because of increased remote work, but so far federal agencies have only made limited changes to their workspace because of the pandemic. GAO found that GSA has a lot of great information about workspaces and utilization, and that a lot of agencies would find that data really helpful as they plan their own sell-offs and consolidations.
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White House speaker announces an AI Bill of Rights will be released “very soon”.

Yesterday at the VA NAII BRAIN Summit the White House speaker announced that an AI Bill of Rights will be released very soon. The AI Bill of Rights document will “seek to identify how rights, freedoms, and protections already in place in the US will apply to an automated world” stated the speaker. Late last year, “OSTP launched a series of listening sessions to engage the American public in the process of developing an AI Bill of Rights. This document will serve as a useful framework to identify and incentivize best practices that will allow innovation in AI development and deployment while mitigating harm with high-risk AI applications.”
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ICYMI Snippets:

GovCon Trivia

How well do you think you know the federal government?

During Queen Elizabeth’s 70 year reign as Queen of Great Britain, she met with 13 sitting United States presidents.
Which sitting president did she NOT meet?
 (RIP, E2R!)

Find the answer at the bottom of this newsletter!

Top Defense & Aerospace

Pentagon is planning new guidance to help contractors squeezed by inflation.

The DOD is preparing guidance that would give its COs more flexibility to reimburse vendors whose costs have ballooned because of inflation, updating an earlier policy document that industry groups complained did too little to prevent contractors from bearing the full brunt of higher prices. The update is in the final review stages and should be published within the next week, said Dr. Bill LaPlante, the undersecretary of Defense for acquisition and sustainment. A key focus would be to offer relief to companies who signed FFP contracts with the government before inflation took hold. The DoD published an initial set of inflation guidance on May 25, and vendor associations have critiqued the policy for not going far enough.
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DOD’s next-gen warfare program needs to, well, get with the program.

The DOD must adopt new approaches to software design and architecture to help the U.S. military maintain an operational advantage over global adversaries, according to a new report released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The report, “Software-Defined Warfare,” says that the architecture needed to develop and maintain the most advanced warfighting systems “lies in software.”
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ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

  • Altimira announces National Air & Space Intelligence Center contract extension. The ceiling increases to $1.24B.
  • Valient awarded seat on $850M DTRA Modeling & Simulation support contract vehicle.
  • Omni Federal wins USSF SSC Immortal Jellyfish Phase II SBIR.

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  • Gerrod Glauner was named CTO for for the Coast Guard.
  • Tim Beach was promoted to Chief Data Officer at Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS).

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Top Intel Community

NSA releases post-quantum algorithms, aims for full implementation by 2035. 

The NSA became the latest federal agency to begin its digital migration to quantum-resistant networks, as the emerging technology poses major cybersecurity threats to unprepared digital systems. Released in an advisory document, NSA officials notified National Security Systems owners and vendors of the future post-quantum algorithmic requirements needed on classical networks that harbor sensitive data related to national security. The upgraded algorithm includes new public and symmetric key encryption and software and firmware updates.
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10 fascinating declassified CIA missions. 

From the CIA secretly plucking a soviet submarine off of the ocean floor, using a fake movie production company to rescue six American diplomats trapped in Iran, and digging a secret tunnel beneath Berlin to spy on Soviet communications during the Cold War the CIA is sharing 10 very interesting declassified stories completed between 1950-2011 for their 75th birthday.
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ICMY Snippets

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Top Civilian

Accidental debt collections: A new VA income stream strategy.

(TLDR: More broken software!) The VA’s internal watchdog released a report which showed several instances in which the agency’s automated business rules within the VA’s electronic systems improperly triggered debt collection from veterans. The VA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) discovered several instances in which the agency collected debts without first providing veterans with legally required notice, and attributed the errors to automated rules followed by a software program.
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Tesla hacked while driving? Let’s try to prevent that, mmkay? (says NHTSA).

The final version of the NHTSA’s cybersecurity practices will be published in the Federal Register on Friday, focusing on cryptographic techniques to mitigate hacking risks as vehicles become more technologically integrated. In the Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Modern Vehicles final draft, NHTSA officials took advice from the public during the draft publication’s open comment period and added more detail on key systems and cryptographic elements, as well as how attackers may use software updates to infiltrate a vehicle’s network. Other topics that were added to the scope of the guidance, pursuant to public comments, include right-to-repair issues, new references to source materials and rewording.
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ICMY Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • Concept Plus, a SDB and SBA 8(a) firm, won a $9M contract from HHS to implement a Stockpile Asset Management System.
  • GDIT wins $298M US Courts’ application development contract.
  • Trilogy Federal, along with Ibility LLC and National Coordination Center, was awarded a 3 year contract for $6.89M with the VHA’s OHT.
  • Federal Consulting Alliance won a five year contract to build and operate a Budget Management Platform for the VA.

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GovCon M&A Corner

ManTech shareholders clear merger deal with Carlyle.

Shareholders at ManTech International approved the company’s proposed combination with global investment firm Carlyle. Both parties expect the transaction to be finalized during the week of Sept. 12, pending satisfaction of other customary closing conditions. ManTech said more than 99 percent of the votes cast at the shareholders’ special meeting were voted in favor of the merger. In May, Carlyle agreed to buy ManTech in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $4.2 billion.
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Shower thoughts đźšż

Queen Elizabeth was an internet sensation. How will her legacy live on?

It’s crazy to think she reigned for so long, she began work before the internet was even a “thing.” One of the things she brought to her reign was an embrace of technology, such as inviting television cameras to broadcast her coronation publicly. She sent her first email in 1976 (her username: HME2. [Her Majesty, Elizabeth II]). She then launched the royal family’s website in 1997, and launched the family’s YouTube channel in 2007. She sent her first tweet in 2014. She tapped on iPads and Zoomed her meetings, just like regular folks do. A watershed moment: Playing the straight man to Daniel Craig’s James Bond as part of the launch of the Olympic Games in the country. Queen memes caught fire, and she had fun playing along.
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The Trivia Answer is….  

Lyndon B. Johnson.
It turns out…she never invited him to visit, and he never invited her to visit him, either. They did maintain a correspondence, though. Her Majesty would have likely met LBJ at President Kennedy’s funeral, but she didn’t attend because she was pregnant at the time.

(Source) (See the White House’s gallery of HRM the Queen items)

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