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Federal agencies are racing to spend beeeeeelions by Sept. 30.

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year!” No, it’s not Christmas…it’s the end of the fiscal year! The annual “Christmas in September” spending season is well under way, with billions of dollars that need to be allocated before the government’s fiscal year ends Sept 30. And if FY22 is anything like previous years, the final three months will account for about a third of total obligations. Large government contractors get most of that payout, with small businesses following behind.
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House panel advances legislation to protect federal workers during pandemics. 

A House panel advanced legislation to protect federal workers and agency operations during future pandemics. The Chai Suthammanont Healthy Federal Workplaces Act (H.R. 8466) is the third version of a bill requiring agencies to develop and publish workplace safety plans for use during pandemics.
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WH science and tech advisors recommend $500M startup semiconductor fund through Commerce Department.

The House Council of Advisors on Science and Technology are advising POTUS to fund the National Semiconductor Technology Center in order to create a $500M investment fund for early stage startups by the end of 2023. The action is something of a follow-on to POTUS signing the $11B CHIPS and Science Act for semiconductor research and development.
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Top Defense & Aerospace

DARPA launches new program to let small innovators behind the classified curtain.

For a lot of would-be defense contractors, the world of classified contracts is a bit of a Catch-22. You can’t get classified work without a security clearance, and you can’t get a security clearance without a contract that demands classified work. DARPA is looking to solve that problem with a new initiative it calls “BRIDGES.” The basic idea is to give small firms a chance to show they’ve got the technical acumen or creativity to solve the sorts of problems DARPA’s working on in the classified arena. If it looks like the answer is yes, the agency itself will sponsor them for a security clearance.
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AF creates new office to settle internal squabbles over ABMS.

The Air Force is setting up a new management structure to ride herd over its Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), the Air Force’s contribution to the DOD’s JADC2 project, and it’s going to be called PEO-C3BM. Officials say ABMS has demonstrated progress in some key technical areas, but those advancements haven’t always been coordinated with one another. At the top of the new management structure for what Air Force officials have previously termed the “internet of military things” will be a brand new program executive office:
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Come to find out that inflation, not Russia or China, are primary worries of military personnel.

USAF Secretary Frank Kendall is not oblivious to the day-to-day worries about enlisted personnel. “The [Air and Space Forces] leadership knows we can’t expect airmen, guardians to give their all to the mission when they are worried about paying for gas to get to work, finding childcare or providing their family a safe place to live,” Kendall said during a keynote at the Air and Space Forces Association’s Air, Space and Cyber conference.
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Top Intel Community

CIA aims to decrease median hiring time ‘by orders of magnitude’ by December.

Reducing wait times and diversifying applicant pools are just two workforce priorities for the CIA, as the agency tries to revamp its best practices for hiring. One of the hurdles to changing recruitment, though, is the agency’s extensive security clearance process, said Juliane Gallina, associate deputy director of the CIA’s Directorate of Digital Innovation. Although the hiring process does have certain elements that cannot be changed, the agency is working to open doors, for instance, to more diverse candidates, while also expediting the process wherever possible.
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Fifth and final OMB memo to meet cybersecurity goals more than just another cyber mandate, says Federal CISO.

The OMB’s fifth and final memo to meet goals outlined in the May 2021 cybersecurity executive order may be its most ambitious yet. The memo is set to change the way agencies purchase and vendors develop commercial software, and Chris DeRusha, federal CISO at OMB, states that the memo is more than just another cyber mandate.
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Top Civilian

GSA examines how to bring “federal buying power” to supercharge the solar panel market (a RFI announcement).

As part of federal government efforts to promote domestic clean-energy technology, the GSA issued a RFI to learn more about the availability of American-made solar photovoltaic panels and components. GSA seeks this information to learn about how the agency can encourage domestic manufacturing of PV panels through federal procurement, as part of ongoing efforts to decarbonize the electric grid and secure a domestic clean energy supply chain.
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Are you planning for the $45M VA VEO Enterprise Measurement and Performance Improvement Support BPA?

We might have some data that will help you as you plan your response to this highly watched VA FY23 opportunity, including capture data, contract vehicle, related articles mentioning the opportunity, potential points of contact, some statistical odds, incumbent data, and much more. You’re welcome!
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GovCon M&A Corner

NTT DATA to acquire Apisero.

IT services and digital business leader NTT DATA has signed an agreement to acquire leading international MuleSoft consulting firm Apisero. The acquisition will provide NTT DATA with more than 2,000 global resources, accelerating its strategy to become a first-choice digital innovation partner.
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Razor’s Edge closes a $340M investment fund.

Razor’s Edge announced the final closing of its third investment fund, at $340 million. Significantly exceeding the firm’s original fundraising target of $250 million, this result reflects strong investor support for the firm’s strategy of investing in sophisticated companies that are key to helping the United States maintain technological superiority over its adversaries.
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Shower thoughts 🚿


Who was Angela Salinas?

During Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), we honor Hispanic leaders in the government and military, such as USMC MG (Ret.) Angela Salinas. She enlisted in the USMC in May of 1974. At that time, of the 180,000 Marines, less than 2,000 were women. Salinas was among the first to attend gender-integrated officer training, and in 1989 she become the first woman to command a Marine Corps recruit station. Salinas served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 39 years and was the first Hispanic woman to become a General. When she retired in 2013, she was the highest-ranking female officer in the Marines.  
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These are the best (and most absurd) unit patches in the US military.

Patches. Unless you are in the Marines, you’re probably wearing some on your uniform or have them plastered across your kit right now. And with so many units, so many patches, there is plenty of room for creativity, interesting patterns, and the chance to get downright weird. Patches can be insider jokes, historical ties, or simply tell a story about what you’ve done and where you’ve been. This website has a list of great patches and will leave you wondering “why doesn’t my unit have a Pegasus or a stallion?” They include shout-outs to Star Wars, Bat Woman, Family Guy, pirates, and more.
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