• SAMOSA Act could increase software monopolization: Fed acquisition experts are warning that the legislation promoting transparency could backfire, but Microsoft and Oracle are like “nah, it’s good bro.”¬†Read more.
  • On the flipside…Army has launched initiatives to tap into small biz creativity: And it’s going to give big GovCon firms an extra advantage to partner with those companies. ¬†Read more.
  • Pricing brawl! IG and GSA leaders lock horns over schedule prices: Are TDR program prices the lowest that gov’t can get? Maybe gov’t should shop around.¬†¬†Read more.
  • The DOD’s in the home stretch to award its $9B cloud contract: DOD’s¬†acting Deputy CIO is on track to award the $9B Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract by the end of 2022. Read more.
  • Happy Ada Lovelace Day!¬†(Well, it was yesterday, but you didn’t get a GovBrew yesterday.) Check out this article with Idit Levine, founder and CEO of a $1B tech start-up, who discusses¬†women’s progress in STEM fields. Read more.


Army climate plan relies on technology that doesn’t exist yet.

The Army’s Climate Strategy Implementation Plan includes goals and deadlines related to installations, acquisition and logistics, and training, as the largest military service looks to reduce its carbon footprint over the next decade and beyond while maintaining readiness. The plan, however, lacks the technology to carry out its ambitious green goals. Read more

Candy Crush on the battlefield! Army rolling out BYOD to 20,000 pilot users.

After working out legal, policy, and cybersecurity concerns, the Army is rolling out its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative to 20,000 new users, to enable them to connect their own tablets and phones to a network. The service has successfully incorporated two smaller groups of users into its BYOD plan. Read more

AUSA is going on, and lots of info is coming out of there.

The Association of US Army is holding their Big Deal annual conference, and leadership is revealing all kinds of good intel. First: Army is planning to invest in larger formations with high-tech gear. Also, Army is looking towards 2040 for its goal for upping that aforementioned tech, including really scaling up autonomy. Also: EV tanks? Here’s what industry is offering to meet Army’s EV needs. Also, boot camp is getting a pre-boot camp boot camp.

ICYMI Snippets

  • The Army is holding Project Convergence exercises with the UK and Australia, testing 50 new technologies in Oct and Nov.
  • Former DOD¬†Deputy CIO Dr. Kelly Fletcher tells weapons systems providers they need to more systematically apply cybersecurity standards or risk losing work.
  • Cool Tech:¬†CENTCOM officials are looking at blimps and solar gliders, among other resources, to beef up surveillance.

Defense Contract Awards

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Defense Job Openings

  • Navy is looking for a Director for Campaign Analysis and Modeling.
  • SDA looking for key individuals to join its Tranche 2 leadership team.
  • Navy is looking for a¬†Sr Director for the Integration Support Directorate in the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Intelligence and Security.
  • Army is looking for a¬†Director for it’s¬†ISR Task Force


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IARPA and Army start research to engineer nextgen of computers.

IARPA and the Army Research Laboratory launched a program to engineer innovative, new computer architecture designs that will help the IC execute its missions. The Advanced Graphic Intelligence Logical Computing Environment (AGILE) program will rethink computer architectures and aim to develop intelligent mechanisms for accessing, moving, and storing complex data streams and structures that enable the efficient execution of data-analytic algorithms. Read More

The CIA invest in a start-up aimed at bringing back the woolly mammoth.

The CIA, through In-Q-Tel, invested in¬†Dallas-based Colossal Biosciences, which aims to bring back the woolly mammoth and the Tasmanian tiger with ‚Äúde-extinction‚ÄĚ technology. While the CIA says it‚Äôs less about the mammoths and more about the capability, we still think a wooly mammoth walking around downtown Dallas¬†would be pretty cool to see.¬†Read More

State Department confirms UK talks on data transfer cooperation.

Okay, we’re ready to tell everyone now. Following a POTUS executive order to build the US-EU¬†privacy shield, the DOS has confirmed it is holding talks with UK counterparts focusing on data transfer cooperation. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

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New law bans SBA red tape, with website to follow in six months.

To small businesses overwhelmed by SBA bureaucracy, a new law mandates that agency officials roll out a new website in six months that will make it easier for small businesses to identify relevant regulations that pertain to them and also find SBA points of contact. Read more.

DOE launches next-gen network for sharing data across enterprise.

Energy Department has launched its ESnet6 high performance network for sharing up to 46 terabytes per second of data across its enterprise. Part of the Energy Science Network, ESnet6 enables tens of thousands of users to process, store, visualize, analyze, and share data from experiments, models, and simulations.

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

  • ServiceNow won a $250M BPA with HHS to¬†provide digital workflow platforms to help HHS manage applications, optimize inventory and reduce waste.
  • HUD has awarded a 5-year, $4M 8(a) set aside contract to LNKE Technologies Inc. to provide pay.gov common services.

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Civilian Job Openings


Sierra Nevada purchases drone maker Volansi.

Sierra Nevada announced it has purchased drone maker Volansi in an cash deal that includes the company’s intellectual property and assets. Read more

Quantum Space partners with Axient.

Quantum Space announced the signing of a MOU with Axient for space systems development on government and commercial missions and projects for existing and new customers.  Read more

Octo hires new VP of Corporate Development from within.

Octo announced that Meghan Gifford is now VP of Corporate Development and Strategy. Gifford is responsible for Octo’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, strategic planning lifecycle, and Integration Management Office (IMO). Our guess this is another step towards increased acquisition activity from Octo. Read more


The internet’s clocks sync up thanks to one eccentric guy’s software.

An obscure software system synchronizes the network‚Äôs clocks, thanks to engineer and computer scientist David Mills. The only problem? He’s now blind and can’t examine his own code — a¬†contest for influence over how clocks are kept in synch across the Internet has begun.¬†Read more

Do charitable dollars that support indigenous causes actually make it to the people in need?

Okay, we’re a couple days past Indigenous Peoples Day, but we did take Monday off. Did you know that one recent report found that the billions of dollars this world over given to causes related to indigenous people, that only about 17 percent goes to provide direct support to them? As a result, indigenous communities are devising their own strategies for accessing funding. Read More.

Will seeking mental health treatment affect your security clearance?

It’s Mental Illness Awareness month, so we thought we’d do you a solid to let you know that NO, you won’t lose your clearance. In fact, the government considers seeking mental health care to be a positive course of action and a sign of sound judgment. You DO need to read the red tape about what kinds of issues you need to report, but being transparent and honest is the best way to pass! Read more.

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