• Increased DOD contract spending a boon to small businesses: Defense contract spending increased 6.7% in 2022, hitting its second highest total of $436B.
  • Major govt tech contractors use monopolistic vendor-lock to drive revenue: Microsoft, Oracle primarily benefit.
  • Closing the digital divide in government: Five strategies for digital transformation: Practical ideas to give citizens are more connected government.
  • Bid low + be acceptable on the technical proposal. Does that “tried and true” method = a win?
  • Word on the street is that CIO-SP4 Phase 1 announcement letters went out for small businesses. Did you move on to Phase 2? Let us know on social media!


Following deficiency, Marines add comms capability to ACV variant.

The Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle – Command and Control Variant was not built with sufficient long-range communications capability, but the service has since integrated additional equipment to fix the problem. Read more

How the Army went virtual to help Ukraine.

The first M777 howitzers arrived in Ukraine less than two months after Russia invaded. The howitzer was quickly embraced by Ukrainian soldiers, but the M777 also required maintenance and repair, which Ukrainian troops were unsure how to do. From a parking lot in Poland, the U.S. Army started answering the call for help with virtualization. Read more

DOD instructs acquisition teams to prioritize small business engagement over best-in-class contracts.

DOD is tweaking its contracting strategy to place more of an emphasis on meeting small business acquisition goals, even it if means supplanting its use of Best in Class vehicles. DOD’s acquisition teams will receive automatic Tier 2 spend under management, or SUM, credits for awarding contracts to socioeconomic small businesses under the MOU, and a new Tier 2-Socioeconomic small business category will be developed in order to monitor and track progress. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

  • RFI: AFRL RF System Development Multi-Aperture Networked Intelligence for Agile Combat.
  • Draft RFP: NASA’s $98.1M contract is for space flight systems development and operations.
  • RFI: DIU is looking for prototyping novel hypersonic technologies as part of the HyCAT project.
  • DARPA to host CARCOSA Proposers’ Day on Feb. 21.
  • NASA hits limits of space station utilization.
  • Asteroid mining startup AstroForge to launch first missions this year.
  • NASA and DARPA to partner on nuclear thermal propulsion demonstration.

Defense Contract Awards

  • Intelligent Waves LLC was awarded a $99.9M IDIQ by the USAF for crowd sourced flight data support services.
  • Boeing gets $2.25B contract mod to build Air Force tankers.
  • BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services won a $651M AF contract for engineering services with the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Weapons System.
  • Telecote Research won a contract mod with AF for cloud infrastructure and platform support, bringing the total value to $51M.
  • SAIC won a $22M contract mod for Army cybersecurity, network operations, and maintenance of IT support.

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NSA creates assistant deputy director position, other new entities focused on China.

In November, NSA created a new assistant deputy director position solely dedicated to China, naming the former executive director of the U.S. Cyber Command, David Frederick to the new position. Read more

The National Intelligence Director: Over-classification undermines democracy.

The ongoing investigations into handling of sensitive documents by former presidents and vice presidents have brought potential problems with the classification system back into the spotlight.  Avril Haines, director of national intelligence, says that over-classification undermines efforts to make government more transparent and accountable and to encourage citizen participation in it. Read more

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CISA establishes new office to ‘operationalize’ supply chain security.

CISA is building out a new supply chain risk management office to help agencies, industry and other partners put a torrent of recent guidance and policies into practice, spearheaded by Shon Lyublanovits, a former GSA official who now leads the project management office for cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) within CISA’s cybersecurity division.  Read more

House bill would scrap VA’s $20B electronic health records program.

Two U.S. Reps. are backing legislation to end the troubled program to replace the VA’s homegrown electronic health record system with commercial software from Oracle-Cerner. Read more

NSF joins growing list of agencies reconfiguring its CIO’s office.

National Science Foundation has joined a small but growing list of federal agencies that are reconfiguring their CIO position, in an evolutionary move. (yeah, see what we did there?) NSF is planning on establishing a new Office of Business Information Technology (BIT) Services that will be led by an executive who will be both the CIO and CTO. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards


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Booz Allen’s pace of acquisitions is slower than expected.

While Booz Allen completed its acquisition of security company EverWatch in October, after DOJ withdrew its opposition, Booz Allen CEO Horacio Rozanski told investors that companies like Liberty IT Solutions, another recent acquisition target, are hard to find when considering acquiring them. Read more

Capella Space creates US government-focused subsidiary..

Behold! Capella Federal has been birthed “to help meet the ‘heightened security and facility clearance needs’ of US government customers.” Read more


The evolution of military uniform insignia: Space Force brings a high-tech twist.

The American military has been working on its uniform insignia in a long-standing tradition dating back to the Civil War. The newest military branch, the Space Force, is working with The Institute of Heraldry at Fort Belvoir, VA to design and create insignia for seals, badges, chevrons, and other uniform accessories to differentiate the branch from the rest of the force. Read more

Why Zoom happy hours fall flat.

But we like drinking wine in our PJs! What started off as an innocuous idea – remaining somehow social through Zoom while practicing social distancing during a pandemic – is clearly an idea that needs to be left behind. A study by Clinical Psychology Science suggests combining alcohol and virtual social interaction had negative effects compared to in-person gatherings. Read more

That time the federal government was ruled by czars.

Do you remember when we had a ‘Drug Czar’? Learn here how a term for Russian oligarchs, which seems to carry with it negative connotations, came to be applied to American government officials.  Read more

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