• IT spend reporting requirements aren’t budging past halfway point: Agencies failed to disclose ~$31B in 2021 investments under the OMB Technology Business Management framework, says a GAO report. Read more.


    • Public sector doubles down on prioritizing technical standards: Public sector leaders say the White House should make global technical standards work a priority for international policy. Read more.


    • SBIR/SBTT award timeliness has lots of room for growth: Agencies participating in the SBIR and SBTT programs help bring new tech to market, but they don’t always make their awards on time. Read more.


    • Protests incoming! CIOSP4 notifications have arrived, and lots of well-qualified companies are surprised to discover they’ve been excluded. Read more. Plus….GSA hit with more protests over Polaris IT contract.


  • Winning work that matters at CMS, CDC and benefitting from protĂ©gĂ©/mentorships. Rohan Bhobe, CEO of Nava, offers advice to small businesses. Read more.



DOD’s search for new tech to defeat kamikazes heats up.

The DOD is expected to release a white paper soliciting industry ideas to defeat kamikaze drones, also known as loitering munitions, suicide drones, or one-way attack (OWA) unmanned aerial systems. A tech demo will follow the release later this fiscal year. Read more

A billion-dollar Army contract to migrate systems to the cloud is in the works.

The Army is prepping for another push to move existing systems to the cloud over the coming fiscal year, and it’s going to use its Enterprise Application Modernization and Migration contract vehicle to do so. The contract is expected to be worth $1 billion and should be awarded by the end of June 2023, according to the Army’s CIO. Read more

DOD says multiyear appropriations may help recruiting. Maybe.

At AUSA, Stephanie Miller, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for military personnel policy, spoke to what the Army is doing to address recruitment. (Army didn’t meet their FY22 goals.) “We’re trying to…work with [Congress] to take a look at our existing authorities for money and whether it’s appropriate to still try to approach some of our appropriations as one-year appropriations or would it be better to do two-year appropriations for certain program lines aligned to the accession and recruiting side of the house,” Miller said. “Because, with that, then we can actually do earlier market buys, we can get better advertising placement. It just might be better for us all around.” Read more

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CISA reluctant to publicly comment on upcoming performance goals.

CISA’s commitment to transparency is clashing with its promise to keep stakeholder feedback on baseline security measures for critical infrastructure companies private. A former DHS chief said that while “it would be consistent with CISA’s commitment to transparency to make the comments public,” not making it clear at the outset that those comments would be public “could be tricky.” Read more

No matter their scale, NGA maps have a huge impact.

NGA’s partners are always hard at work keeping up with a constant demand for digital and printed maps. As requirements arise, NGA’s partners reach out to the Office of Geography in the Foundation GEOINT Group to produce more maps. The Office makes maps that range widely in scale and, despite their differences in size, they all show a huge amount of complex information. Read more

NGA to host Industry Strategy Summit 2022 on Oct. 25.

Please join NGA executives VADM Trey Whitworth, Phil Chudoba, Kelly Pickering, Sue Pollmann, and others for the NGA Industry Strategy Summit 2022, being held virtually on October 25, 2022 starting at 9:30 a.m. EST. This unclassified virtual Summit is designed to give members of industry, academia, non-profits and other government elements, insight into NGA’s strategic thinking, and how the agency plans to develop its future operational environment – including the architectures and tools that support it.  Read more

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Never Worry About Finding The Right Match Again

Are you exhausted by 1:1 meetings that waste time because your match doesn’t need what YOU do?

Well, govmates does things differently. Period.

Their matchmaking method is formulaic and methodical, which is a fancy way of saying that they have an unbiased algorithm that bases matches for their events on your capabilities and what the buyers need – not by who gets to the website first.

They’re “the bridge between” you and your next big opportunity!

They are a technology scouting platform comprised of over 5,000 small and non-traditional businesses that are poised and ready to provide innovative solutions to Federal challenges.

They aim to facilitate introductions and meeting opportunities between large primes/system integrators and businesses providing mission-critical support, services, and technology.

The best news is that govmates is always free to join. If you’re a small business providing solutions to the federal government, join today!

Check GovMates Out


Not again! VA delays all future EHRM deployments until June 2023.

In a statement announcing the delay, the department said it was pushing back the rollout to “address challenges with the system and make sure it is functioning optimally for veterans and for VA health care personnel.” According to the VA, a subsequent investigation at the five hospital locations where the system is deployed identified a range of additional technical and system issues including “challenges with performance, such as latency and slowness, problems with patient scheduling, referrals, medication management and other types of medical orders.” Read more

IRS seeks tool to help automate solicitation evaluation (a RFI).

The IRS wants an automated tool for evaluating solicitations to improve the efficiency of its procurement teams. Vendors are encouraged to submit their technical capabilities and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program-certified, commercial-off-the-shelf offerings — especially cloud solutions. Read more

OPM is seeking a background investigation search tool (a RFI).

OPM’s OIG is looking for an online tool to facilitate searches for background information about the people and businesses it investigates. Specifically, the OIG is looking for “an online investigative platform” that can “provide web-based online search and retrieval service that provides vital public and private information on individuals and businesses.” OIG plans to use the platform to conduct investigative, medical sanctions and debarment research. Read more

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Enlightenment Capital-backed Boecore buys Ascension Engineering Group.

Enlightenment Capital, an aerospace, defense, government & technology investment firm, announced it has acquired Boecore, a technology solutions provider within the space, missile defense, hypersonics, and strategic deterrent mission areas. Boecore will serve as Enlightenment’s latest platform company, as the firm builds a premium provider of emerging space and strategic defense technologies. Read more

SilverEdge buys QVine.

SilverEdge is backed by Godspeed Capital Management LP, a lower middle-market defense and government services, solutions and technology-focused private-equity firm. QVine provides DevOps engineering, SysOps administration, solutions architecture and SaaS solutions to intelligence community customers. Its solutions focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, data visualization, open-source collection and analysis, and cross-domain solutions. Read more

Veritas Capital to acquire CAES Space Systems.

Veritas Capital, a leading technology and government investment firm, announced today that an affiliate of Veritas has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CAES Space Systems, a leading independent supplier of high-reliability electronic solutions for space, defense, healthcare and industrial applications, from CAES. Read more

Federal judge refuses to stop Booz Allen’s planned EverWatch buy.

In a move that has Big Business cheering and Small Biz jeering, a federal judge in Maryland refused to grant a preliminary injunction that the Department of Justice requested to halt Booz Allen Hamilton’s planned acquisition of EverWatch over competition-related issues. Judge Catherine Blake declined to grant the injunction and her full opinion with regard to the ruling is under seal, according to a docket at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.  Read more



The Great Resignation: Does it have anything to do with not feeling like you can speak up at work?

The “great resignation.” Unionizing efforts. “Quiet quitting.” These are all reactions to the same problem: Workers are dissatisfied in their current jobs and feel they can’t speak up, whether about organizational problems, unethical behavior or even just to contribute their knowledge and creative ideas. So in response, they generally either leave or decrease their effort while suffering in silence. This article by a Professor of Business at University of Virginia gives some insights about workplace courage. Read more

How robot makers are working to stop their tech from getting weaponized.

A Twitter post featuring a video of a robot dog firing a gun that’s racked up nearly 120,000 likes since July. Videos of Ukrainian soldiers apparently modifying off-the-shelf drones to airdrop weapons. An art project featuring Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot most known for viral dancing videos, outfitted with a paintball gun. These kinds of videos are all over the internet. They demonstrate the kind of scary scenarios that six top robot manufacturers, including Boston Dynamics, probably had in mind when they published a letter last week promising not to weaponize their products. Read more


The US military owns, leases, or operates an impressive real estate portfolio with buildings valued at $749 billion and a land area of 26.9 million acres, of which around 98% is located within the United States. (Source) 

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