• Big contract opportunity coming up!: GSA dropped its Alliant 3 Draft RFP and is looking for comments and questions by Jan 6, 2023.
  • CISA to focus on water, education, health over the next year. The agency will help them prepare for and respond to cyberattacks.
  • Govt. agencies have a Section 508 transparency problem: Despite calls for DEI&A, agencies struggle to meet Section 508 intent.
  • Take it from a proposal pro – don’t just wing your outline: Starting your outline on the right foot is key to finishing strong, and here’s why.



Amazon in talks with DOD to link Kuiper satellites with mesh network in space.

Amazon wants its Kuiper satellite to serve as translators between commercial imagery providers and DOD’s Transport Layer. The multinational tech company is currently in talks with the DOD about installing laser communications terminals on its Kuiper satellites to transfer data directly into the military’s mesh network. Read more

Pushback on Navy provisions in FY23 Senate Defense Bill.

The White House just isn’t feeling the FY23 NDAA love. In a memo, the WH expressed opposition to decommissioning some ships, and “excessive authorization levels for platforms and systems that can not be affordably sustained or modernized in order to provide survivable, lethal, and resilient forces in the current threat environment.” Read more

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NCO/ITCS Help Desk Recompete: Market Research.
RFQ01593014. A VETS2 task order.

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DISA ready to tackle procurement process challenges.

DISA is facing down procurement challenges to better incorporate tech innovations and nascent cybersec standards into its offerings. A DISA official says that procurement processes must keep up with technology innovations and new security standards to support the DISA mission rather than detract from it. Read more

NGA to host 2022 Industry Strategy Summit. 

At this unclassified event on Oct 25 NGA Director Vice Adm. Frank Whitworth, NGA’s Director of the office of contract services Kelly Pickering, and white house presidential innovation fellow Carlos Roque will all present. Topics will include leading-edge technologies, advancing an agile software development framework acquisition environment, the NGA software way, and up to a 3-year outlook of NGA business opportunities. Read more

Why aligning with allies on tech innovation is critical to national security.

The U.S. needs to work harder with international allies to ensure its national security interests are taken seriously during global talks about innovative tech, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who said the world is at “an inflection point” and that working to establish global tech standards is “a part of our national interest and our strength around the world.” Read more

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IC Contract Awards

  • DOJ awarded Cameo Consulting a $2M financial analyst/investigator services contract. This was a small business set-aside.

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Electrifying the federal fleet is a big push for POTUS, but agencies have a lot of work to do first.

The federal government is well positioned to electrify its 610,000-vehicle fleet, according to a new report, though it has a lot of work ahead of it to make that plan realistic. A new GAO reports shows that agencies only own 1,579 zero-emission vehicles–less than 1% of the fleet. There’s only 4,000 charging ports at 1,000 locations of federal property.  Read more

The Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Technology modernization is lacking.

The Department of Education’s Next Gen program—started in 2017—aims to modernize the Office of Federal Student Aid’s (FSA’s) technology and operations to improve the experiences of students, parents, and its partners. FSA has 4 of 9 modernization projects remaining—all of which have had delays. And 3 of the 4 don’t have set implementation dates—limiting FSA’s ability to retire 2 older systems. GAO also found that the program’s cost and schedule estimates are unreliable. Read more

DHS is requesting Web-Based USCIS Court Document Retrieval Services (a RFI)

DHS is looking to procure web-based court document retrieval services to allow ICE, Enforcement and Removal Operations Field Offices and Headquarters components the ability to retrieve mission-critical court records quickly and conveniently.  Currently, court-certified court documents are retrieved by ICE employees in person, or via U.S. Mail, which costs the government significant man-hours and causes unnecessary delays.  Read more

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L3Harris invests in Seasats.

L3Harris Technologies announced today a strategic investment in Seasats, a privately-owned company involved in the design and production of low-cost, solar-powered maritime autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) for military and commercial use. L3Harris is making its investment to fuel collaborative development and accelerate production of Seasats’ X3 micro-ASV, whose unique design and low-signature waterline makes it difficult to detect by sight and radar.  Read more


⚓️ On this day: In 1797, one of the first frigates built for the U.S. Navy, the Constitution (byname Old Ironsides), was launched in Boston.

🎃 How to: Make your jack-o’-lanterns last with proper pumpkin care.

🙅🏽‍♂️ How (not) to: Six most common issues and mistakes not to make if you want to win more proposals.

🛩 That’s interesting: DoD and UVA collaborate on ways to improve aircraft maneuverability at hypersonic speeds.

🎙 Podcast: Get the CIA’s lowdown on landing a job at the agency.


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Why don’t we have JFK assassination records if they were supposed to be released in 2017?

A nonprofit is suing the federal government (POTUS and NARA) to demand the release of ALL the remaining records related to JFK’s 1963 killing. Although the records were to be released in October 2017, former-POTUS postponed the release for 6 months, and then current-POTUS issued an additional extension until Dec. 15 of this year, citing the pandemic as having impacted NARA’s ability to review the records.   Read more

Why do labs keep making dangerous viruses?

“Doing risky pathogen research is akin to playing Russian roulette.” In the effort to study COVID-19 and to prepare vaccines against mutations, scientists accidentally created a variant that is even more contagious and deadly than Omicron. There are nearly 60 BSL-4 labs in operation, under construction, or planned in 23 countries. There’s a lab boom, and that could lead to some pretty serious human casualties of these viruses are accidentally released to the public. Read more


ANSWER: Joshua Tree National Park

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