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  • OMB wants SDBs to get a bigger piece of the federal contracting pie: New guidance from the WH urges federal agencies to send more money to small disadvantaged businesses in 2023. Read More.
  • CIA, NSA museums offer sneak peek into spy secrets: The CIA and NSA have renovated their museums of spycraft, displaying dramatic stories of spies and informants. Read More.
  • TMF invests more than $20.8M+ in 3 agencies’ cyber and CX projects: will be improved, HUD was awarded funds for IT modernization, and the Army got funds to develop the SOCaaS framework. Read more

  • 2022 Climate Adaption Plan: DOD Progress Report just dropped. There’s a lot of “in progress” notations throughout it, plus a fun org chart you can rip off, I mean “learn from” when you draft proposals. Read more.



Pentagon’s list of Chinese military-linked companies in the U.S. grows.

The world’s biggest consumer drone maker Shenzhen-based DJI Technology and China’s top genetics firm BGI are among more than a dozen companies the DOD spotlighted this week on its latest list of entities that operate in the U.S. and are likely connected to the Chinese military. Read more

Army only reaches 75% of its 2022 recruiting goal, short 20,000 soldiers.

The army has ended the fiscal year short nearly 20,000 soldiers after only reaching three-quarters of its 2022 recruiting goal. The shortfall is nearly 20,000 fewer soldiers than the 485,000 that Congress funded. Read more

Army to host Cyber Quest FY 23.

AFC has issued a broad agency announcement for Cyber Quest FY 23. White papers are due 12:30 pm EST, Nov. 4. To accelerate its modernization efforts, AFC is conducting Army Focused Warfighting Experiments that provide government, industry, and academia partners an opportunity to demonstrate technologies that address MDO-aligned capability gaps. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Defense Contract Awards

  • Esri awarded $16M contract supporting the Defense Intelligence Enterprise.
  • Cynnovative, LLC awarded $14M contract for research project under the SMOKE program.
  • SOSi wins $385M DISA, AF Mission Partner Environment Network Engineering Services contract.
  • Washington Business Dynamics awarded $67M BPA under GSA for DHA’s Military Health System.

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Hackers make off with sensitive data after attacking defense organization.

Threat actors infiltrated a defense industrial base organization, penetrated its network, and stole sensitive information, say federal agencies. CISA responded to malicious activities between November 2021 and January 2022. The organization that came under attack – likely a defense contractor – hasn’t been named. Read more

ODNI releases intelligence community annual demographic report.

The report highlights key metrics and trends regarding the hiring and retention of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities in the IC. It also identifies the IC’s continued efforts to drive workforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, while also addressing areas of improvement. Read more

The IC is using a more integrated approach to AI to transform tradecraft.

The IC is applying AI/ML to boost efficiency and effectiveness across its mission areas. NGA recently set up a digital, data and innovation directorate to take a greater role in managing and sharing developments in AI across the IC and DOD to enhance interoperability. The IC sees enormous potential to apply AI/ML tech broadly to the complicated challenges of national security, but it’s still in the early stages of that process. Read more

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IC Contract Awards

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  • Former DOD CIO Principal Deputy joins State Department as new CIO.

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AI Spend by US Federal Government

This research was performed by Brookings, and all the data they used was consolidated and provided by Leadership Connect. They did a deep dive into all federal contracts over the last five years that had the term “artificial intelligence” (or “AI”) in the contract description.

NAICS 54 has dominated AI federal contract spending. However, this isn’t surprising since the US Government is one of the largest sources of external funding for research and development, the core service for NAICS 54.

The findings appear to suggest that the artificial intelligence market in the US is more focused on the development of research rather than a more mature market that would be more focused on hardware and software devices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the numbers…

  • $1 billion in AI expenditures for NAICS 54 (474 awards) 💰
  • $7m in AI expenditures for NAICS 33 (16 awards) 😕
  • 53% of NAICS 54 contracts with DoD 🚀
  • 17% of NAICS 54 contracts with HHS 🏥
  • 17% of NAICS 54 contracts with NASA 🔭
  • 4% of NAICS 54 contracts with VA 🎖
  • 4% of NAICS 54 contracts with Commerce 🏦

If you’re interested in reading more, check out the full article ==> here <== 


Census Bureau moving past surveys with cloud-based data ecosystem (a RFI).

The Census Bureau wants to meet growing demands for its data with more cloud migration, according to an RFI. Dubbed the Census Acceleration to Secure Cloud (CASC), the IT modernization approach is in the early stages of understanding the industry’s state and its offerings and planning procurements for small businesses and full and open competition. Read more

Protest over $1.5B CATTS contract goes to court.

GAO dismissed many protests over the award of the CATTS small business contract vehicle. Following that dismissal, four companies took their challenges to the Court of Federal Claims. Read more

ICYMI Snippets

Civilian Contracts Awards

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Event Announcement 📣
GovBrew is hosting our first virtual forum on innovative emerging technologies. Hear Federal agency leaders discuss their experience deploying cutting-edge technologies in the public sector and how they use them to drive real change and meet their agency’s mission. Sign up with the link below by October 11th and receive a special promo for being a GovBrew subscriber.

Government Speakers

  • Cindy Good – Dept of Treasury – Senior Analyst, Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (confirmed)
  • Brett Smith – Dept of Treasury – Director – Payment Strategy & Innovation (confirmed)
  • Kathryn Wetherby – CMS – Deputy Director Marketplace IT Group, Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) (confirmed)
  • Chris Skirvin – DHA – Chief, Global Service Operations
  • Robert Whetsel – FDA – Associate Director for Data Architecture, Senior Advisor for Data Architecture (pending approval)
  • Ron Williams – GSA – Director, Cloud Adoption & Infrastructure Optimization (pending approval)


Accenture acquires Stellantis’s World Class Manufacturing Training & Consulting. 

The acquisition allows Accenture to integrate the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology in its solutions that help clients transform their manufacturing process and supply chain networks to be more efficient, sustainable, and resilient. Additionally, it brings WCM’s training solutions for increasing the manufacturing skills of client teams and building a culture of continuous improvement at plants.  Read more

Deltek buys TIP Technologies. 
Deltek has wrapped up its acquisition of TIP Technologies in a transaction that will integrate quality management system and manufacturing execution system offerings into the software provider’s portfolio of enterprise resource planning and manufacturing platforms for the GovCon industry.  Read more


  • SandboxAQ announces Qunnect investment. Read more
  • IT integrator TD Synnex launches combined public sector business. Read more
  • Pyramid Analytics formalizes US federal business practice. Read more


FBI’s murder rate data is…incomplete.

The number of murders rose nationally in 2021, according to new data released by the FBI. Or maybe it didn’t. If the FBI’s estimate is accurate, it would mean there were more murders in the US in 2021 than any year since 1994, with the highest murder rate since 1996. But that’s a big “if.” After a change in the FBI’s reporting system, nearly half of law enforcement agencies nationwide didn’t report a full year’s worth of data on crimes in their jurisdiction for 2021. Read more

Candy Corn: Love it or hate it? And how did it get a bad rap, anyway?.

Candy corn, the perennial fall favorite candy. Or…is it a favorite at all? Candy Corn really gets a bad rap these days on social media, but where did the hate come from? From the 1970s and 80s obsession with packaging and Halloween razor blade fears? (We LIVED through that, wow.) Did it come from a book? Getting a bad rap on the Today show? This article beautifully and poetically provides a deep dive into the symbol of American autumn. Read more


Sorry, the answer is 1…but just barely. The CIA really did investigate the use of cats but was dismayed when the cats wouldn’t saunter toward the desired target, as wanted. (Should have used a dog.)
  1. Cat! Source
  2. Wooden leg. Source
  3. Old lady. Source
  4. Steeling satellite. Source

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