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Same ol fight and a new client. Amazon and Microsoft spar over $1B NGA contract. 

The rivalry of government¬†cloud computing continues between Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. This time¬†there is a new battleground, a $1 billion sole source task order at the NGA. AWS was awarded a task order to cover¬†cloud requirements for both classified and unclassified services¬†under the C2E contract. Microsoft quickly¬†filed a post-award protest alleging that NGA did not conduct a competition and has not justified why a sole-source award to AWS was appropriate. They are also¬†arguing the task order’s scope is too broad for a sole-source award. A GAO¬†decision is expected by Dec. 5.
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Draft RFP released for $1.3B NASA IT contract.

NASA just released a draft solicitation for a $1.3B task order on Alliant II. The NASA Consolidated Applications and Platform Services (NCAPS) procurement wis going large business and is expected to consolidate contracts from the following incumbents: SAIC,  GDIT, Mori Associates, and many small businesses who hold the other sizeable IT support contracts.
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GovCon Trivia

How well do you think you know the federal government?

What was the GSA’s first forays into technology?

A. Mainframe computing
B. Office communication system
C.  Federal telecommunications system
D. Atanasoff‚ÄďBerry computer

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Top Defense & Aerospace

Space System Command weighs acquisition risk of new missile defense tech.

Space Systems Command is seeking guidance on how to manage the procurement of a ground-based command and control system that combines legacy systems with the next generation of missile defense satellites.¬†The project involves migrating existing satellite assets in the Space-Based Infrared Systems to a new command and control solution, dubbed Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution (FORGE). In an¬†RFI¬†posted earlier this month, Space Systems Command said it wanted guidance on contracting strategies and other challenges posed by the program’s timeline and complexity.
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Army’s new Offensive Cyber¬†Program Office spinoff.

The Army is in the process of standing up a new offensive cyber and space program office in 2023. The office will be a spinoff from the electronic warfare portfolio. The new program office will be under O6 lead and under the Intelligence Electronic Warfare and Sensors PEO. It will be called the Program Manager Cyber and Space. The office is expected to migrate the offensive cyber programs and capabilities from the current portfolio of program manager EW&C and also incorporate the highly sensitive space capabilities from Product Manager Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities.
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Top Intel Community

Upcoming DARPA Program to address 5G Security Concerns.

A soon-to-be-announced DARPA program will seek to make communicating over 5G networks more secure. “The U.S. military and intelligence community often rely on foreign cellular services to communicate. The problem is that such 5G systems may not be secure” said DARPA‚Äôs Strategic Technology Office Director Phil Root.¬†An upcoming agency program, called GECCO ‚ÄĒ Generating Communications Channels to Operate ‚ÄĒ wants to allay these privacy concerns, Root said. ‚ÄúWe want to ensure that the traffic¬†that the information is not exploitable and maintains our privacy,‚ÄĚ Root said Aug. 31 at the DARPA Forward conference at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
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IARPA to host PICARD Proposer’s Day.

IARPA posted an invitation for the Pursuing Intelligent Complex Aerosols for Rapid Detection (PICARD) proposer’s Day. The IARPA PICARD program intends to develop a fieldable sensing platform for the rapid identification of aerosol particles in plumes. The PICARD Proposers’ Day will be held on Monday, September 26, 2022 from 10:30am to 5:00pm EDT. Participants must register by Friday, September 16, 2022 at noon EDT. Same day registrations will not be accepted.
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Top Civilian

SSA small biz industry day on digital modernization.

Patrick Newbold, Assistant Deputy Commissioner/DCIO and the SSA are calling all small businesses to help SSA achieve their digital modernization goals through partnerships. The SSA virtual digital modernization small business industry day is on October 19th. Attendees should register by October 17.
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Housing agency didn’t complete cyber orders from DHS.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, ¬†a small, independent agency tasked with oversight of federal mortgage providers Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac, ¬†fell short on enacting binding operational directives from the Department of Homeland Security covering cybersecurity issues, according to an audit by the agency’s inspector general released Aug. 31.¬†The agency lacks a documented process or procedure to implement directives from DHS, which federal agencies are required to comply with ‚Äď something the report says could cause the agency to respond in an “ad-hoc, reactive manner.” FHFA’s chief information security officer told auditors that they assign these directives to appropriate analysts to process when the agency receives them.
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GovCon M&A Corner

ICF acquires Blanton & Associates.

ICF acquired Blanton & Associates, Inc., an environmental consulting, planning and project management firm headquartered in Austin, TX, that supports a variety of infrastructure projects in key markets. Blanton & Associates’ team of more than 75 highly specialized and experienced staff bring proven domain expertise in environmental regulatory compliance and permitting in the transportation, renewable energy, water and resource management sectors.
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Quest Global expands US defense unit with EXB acquisition.

Quest Global acquired¬†of EXB Solutions to join forces with its U.S. subsidiary, Quest Defense Systems & Solutions (Quest Defense). This addition expands the company‚Äôs capabilities in software and systems engineering with particular focus on quality in execution of design, development, verification and validation for safety and mission critical applications ‚Äď and marks another milestone on Quest Global‚Äôs growth journey.
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Shower thoughts ūüöŅ

The Air Force & the moostache.

Red Flag-Alaska ‚Äúis a premier training event for joint units to bolster interoperability, during which some service members partake in the tradition of growing a ‚Äėdeployment mustache‚Äô to increase a sense of morale and camaraderie among deployed service members,‚ÄĚ wrote the Air Force in the captions for a photo album of portraits taken of service members from around the world who sported various models of upper lip armor at the exercise. The album features 21 airmen, Marines and sailors from the U.S. and Australia who are united by two things: they work on or fly airplanes, and they have ‚Äúmoostache‚ÄĚ hairs.¬†Relax for a bit and take a gander at this¬†photo album of mustachioed troops released by the Air Force.¬†
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What do Bill Gates, McDonald’s and¬†The Catholic Church have in common?¬†

As you know, we like to veer away from GovCon from time to time and ponder life’s questions. If you have ever tried to connect the dots between Bill Gates, the Catholic church, and the mighty golden arches but couldn’t get there, we got you covered. Did you know that all three of them own a ridiculous amount of land!?
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The Trivia Answer is….¬†¬†

C. The GSA’s first forays into technology was the Federal Telecommunications System, a governmentwide intercity telephone network established in 1960. That program grew to provide the modern communications infrastructure that now supports millions of services connecting the federal enterprise to the people it serves.


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